Monday, March 11, 2013

 Happy Monday! This week we bring to you a Pretty Princess Party Plan! This may be your little girl's birthday party dream! We have filled it with tons of fun details that you can easily DIY for your little one's next birthday.
Lets start off with the invite. These DIY invites are SO easy to do. Print out the party information on white cardstock. Back with dark pink cardstock and then light pink cardstock. Tie with a wide ribbon and slip in a plastic wand. Perfect! Tip...if you are adding wands they will take up envelope space so make your invitation smaller. For a 4x6 invitation you will need 5x7 envelopes.
When your party guests arrive give each one a pretty crown headband to wear. This is just lace that has been spray painted, glued together into a crown shape and then hotglued to a gold painted headband. 
 If there is money in the budget then set up a "dress up station" so your guests can add tutus to their outfits. If not, then just ask your guests to dress up in their best Princess costume for the party!
 Next is picture time! Hang an empty ornate frame (look at Goodwill for one and spray paint it white or gold) a couple of feet out from a wall or on a tree branch but at little girl height. Perfect for photos!
 If it's on a wall then take a few moments and just a few dollars to dress that wall right up! Hang white tulle straight down and then every foot hang two strips of pink tulle down the wall. You will need twice the length of the wall in tulle for this. Gather every foot or so down the wall with darker pink tulle tied into bows. At 50 cents a yard, tulle is a great decorating tool!
 Last tip for photos...gather up a whole bunch of balloons, somewhere between a dozen and 18, and tie them with gold ribbons. Instant glam and perfect for photo ops! At the end of the party just hand a balloon out to each Princess!
 Little girls want to be up and running around, not sitting at a table, but that doesn't mean you don't need some chairs here or there for them. Pretty them up by tying a bit of light pink tulle around the chair and knotting it in the back. Then, over that, tie darker pink tulle around the chair and into a shallow bow. Gorgeous!
 And dress up the little side spaces like the food and cake tables! Martha Stewart has these PomPom balls in kits just ready to put together quickly!

 Your Princesses will adore a pink drink in a fancy cup. However little girls are not good with glass. Fortunately they make every type of stemware in plastic form so your little girl can feel all grown up!
 Pink Lemonade fits right into your color scheme...give it a little dash of color by slicing lemons or limes in the top!
 If you do want to do a sit down party outside then remember that you can still use the area over your guests heads for decorations! A Happy Birthday banner that reaches from one end of the party space to the other and lots of paper lanterns would be perfection!
 If it's a smaller celebration indoors you can dress up the light fixtures with paper lanterns or pom pom balls. It always makes the space look more finished.
 And do remember that the tulle is an inexpensive way to add a bit more Princess to your party. You can do just a couple of layers, like the table above, or layer several colors for a more opaque but colorful look.

 Don't forget about favors. Fill a vase with more tulle and pack in some fun wands for your guests to take home. They will love picking out which one they want.
 A really inexpensive way to dress up your space, like the favors table, is dollar store frames. Spray painted gold with sayings printed on white paper and backed with pink patterned paper is an easy and inexpensive way to add to your decor.
 Another way to add a bit of detail to your party is to have "Snack Stations" here or there at the party. Little bags of caramel or kettle corn that have been decorated with tulle and sticker crowns are just adorable.
 Rock candy is everywhere these days. I saw it at Michael's just the other day, three for a dollar! Stick some into a mason jar and tie with a ribbon or tulle...your Princesses will love it. 
 Finally you can make easy take away favors. A tiara and some candy nestled in a tissue paper filled bag and tied with ribbon and a "Thank You" tag would delight any little girl.
And speaking of delight! These Princess Cupcakes from Cat's Cakes would make any Princess smile! Find out how YOU can make these over at the Cake Blog ! With their pale pink double wrappers, pink and white frosting, pearls, sparkly sugar crystals and topped with a little pink crown, these little gems are the perfect ending touch for your Pretty Princess Party!

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