Monday, March 18, 2013

 Happy Monday! This week brings a Gender Reveal Party. This is a relatively new party to help family and friends celebrate the day when everyone gets to find out if the baby is going to be a boy or girl. In most cases not even Mom and Dad are aware of the answer before the cutting of the cake or cupcakes!
Depending on the size of the gathering of family and friends you can start out with a cute little invite like the one above! For about $1.50 each you can put together a nice little party for hardly any money. This type of party is considered low key and casual though so you could use an E-vite if you wanted to do so. 

Take a chalkboard, some scrapbook paper and stickers and make up a voting table. As your guests arrive have them write out their names under the headers and then have special prizes for those who guessed right!

Using foamcore, scrapbook paper and chipboard letters you can easily make up these signs to hang around the room and help decorate everything from the tables to the walls!
Even the balloons can add a little splash of color to the theme. Just weigh them down with "It's A Girl" or "It's A Boy" balloon weights and put HUGE bouquets of them in the corner of the yard or room.
By using items like pinwheels and the signs we mentioned above you can change an average wall and table into a grand event!
This doesn't mean you have to get complicated with the occasional tables like the coffee table or end tables. These can be easily decorated using pink and blue kisses, a simple vase with pink or blue water and pink or blue flowers in it.
Here is a great way to show off your patio and create a fun celebration space. Notice how the balloons are used in bouquets instead of all by themselves.
Inside the house you can set up long tables and even make the napkins look like crowns since, face it, the new baby to be will instantly be King or Queen of their home. If they are not happy then no one is. LOL!
Show off the baby names you have picked out with the drinks! Pink and blue punch named after the baby to be is a wonderful way to spread that news.
LOVE paper straws for decor. They are inexpensive and biodegradable. Perfect way to add color and style to your tables and drinks!
Easy enough to make for your snack table, these white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks are just rolled in either blue or pink sanding sugar!
We LOVE water bottle labels. There isn't an event that we throw that doesn't have them! It is a wonderful way to mark the event and add color and design to your party for very little money.
Make up these felt lips and mustaches and then have your party guests pose with their choice for a group photo! What a fun way to remember the day.
People feel funny showing up for something like this empty handed. So why not start Baby's 1st Library and have everyone bring a board or story book for your little one!

If you want to send your guests home with a little favor you could fill clear bags with pink and blue jelly beans and tie with a blue and pink little tag like this one. SO cute!
For the "reveal" dessert you can have your baker put pink or blue filling into cupcakes, frost them with white frosting and then put in these cute little "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" cupcake picks! Let the Mom and Dad cut open the first one and find out for all to see!
Or use a cake, like this one from Cat's Cakes, and have the baker tint either the cake or the filling pink or blue. Often the couple will have the ultrasound tech write down the sex on a piece of paper, put it into an envelope and seal it for the baker to open, thus keeping the secret from the couple as well, and no one will know until they cut into the cake. 

This is such a fun idea and a good excuse to celebrate this modern milestone. I, personally, don't know if I could wait but it would be a fun way to spread our news to family and friends at the party. So whether you decide to be surprised at the same time as your guests or just use this party to spread the news, a Gender Reveal Party would be tons of fun!

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