Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Monday! This past weekend one of my cakes had the honor of being part of a wedding that celebrated not just the marriage of Michele and Eric but also the Bride's love of purple. So I decided to make my own party plan for this fun color palette!

 Michele has a very "out of the envelope" fashion style. Elegant but unusual. So invitations like this one from one of my favorite vendors, Wedding Paper Divas would fit the bill...romantic and elegant.
If you want to go even more modern then these, also from Wedding Paper Divas, might work for you. The bold color with geometric design keeps the invitation elegant but modern.

 While you are thinking unusual, how about setting up your ceremony space with a bit more style? This "four corners" style lets everyone from each vantage have a good view. Have your groom and his Best Man enter from the back to join your officiant. Have your Bridesmaids enter from one side and your Groomsmen from the other while you make your entrance from the front. A lovely way to add a twist the the usual wedding ceremony.
 If you are more traditional then how about using a pop of color on your aisle. Remember to use silk petals for the actual aisle since real petals will stain your gown. Floral arrangements shouldn't be at each row if they could impede the view so stagger them every 4th or 5th row instead.
 Roses are quite traditional but if you don't care for them or want to add the unusual to your bouquet then how about purple centered Calla's or Anenomes?
 Your Bridesmaids can carry a lighter hued version of your flowers. This mix of purple hued flowers would look amazing against a dark purple gown.
 You can go the other direction! Go with a lighter purple gown and dress up the bouquets with a few dark purple flowers instead!
 And don't forget your guys. Dress them up with purple vests and boutonnieres. How elegant that looks!
 When your guests enter the reception space it is traditional to have a guest book waiting for them. But then what do you do with that guest book? How about something you can keep in your home year round? River rocks with smooth sides and a fine tip sharpie pen allows your guests to "sign in" and add their pebble to the jar. A very nice unusual twist the the traditional guest book!
 Think outside the envelope when it comes to your entry way florals too. These silver boxes are filled with Oasis blocks and then filled up with dark purple flowers. A bit of "bling" is added with rhinestone stick pins as well as a little rhinestone buckle on the ribbon around the vase.  And notice the seating/place cards have the same color of ribbon with mini rhinestone buckles of their own!
 Greet your guests with a signature drink. A little bit of purple liqueur like Chambord will turn a vodka drink into a purple vodka and raspberry flavored drink! Top with an edible orchid and you have the perfect drink for your party!
 Carry that look over to your table tops. Many venues only provide white linens. This doesn't mean you can't add color to your tables and keep your theme! By using standard square containers, purple ribbon and floating purple orchids under the floating votives you would be able to keep your color palette with an elegant centerpiece.
 And don't forget your favors! They can add a pop of color in the center of each guest place setting. Little adorable bags from The Wedding Outlet would cost very little per guest yet still continue your theme and color palette.
 Giving the Bride and Groom a nice send off is difficult these days. Bird Seed is often not allowed, even rose petals can be frowned upon. But there is one thing you can do for your happy couple. Send them off with bubbles! One of the coolest photos I ever saw was the Bride and Groom waving goodbye while a semi-circle of family and friends showered them with bubbles. You can find these at any craft store. Just tie with coordinating ribbon and add a little sign. Perfect!
Now, time for cake. Michele and Eric's White and Purple Swirl Wedding Cake from Cat's Cakes would be a beautiful centerpiece to your party. A wonderful way to add color to your cake table...tastes great too!

Next week we are out of here for Easter. I do hope you find yourself surrounded by family and friends even if you do not celebrate! Happy Passover for my Jewish friends. I know you had a great weekend based on the plans you shared with me this past week!

P.S. We post a lot of different ideas from many different sources. We always try to credit the original source but sometimes that is impossible to do. If YOU are the original source and we have not properly credited you and your company please DO let us know so we can edit the post to reflect your hard work!



  1. Where were you when I got married? Love all the purple!

  2. I knew you would like this one! With all this purple it is just stunning! And remember, you can always have a renewal!