Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Monday! This past weekend was our Easter Sunday in the USA. There were many Egg Hunts and Easter Church Services and many many Easter Family Dinners. Our family was no different. Each of the kids had Egg Hunts and we all finished up with happy Family Dinners. Since I know we have a lot of readers who don't live in the US, I figured I'd share our day with all of you!

 We did try out a few of the ideas off of Pinterest! I tried the Bunny Rolls. Ok, so I added a twist of my own. I used canned biscuits. Not what they had in mind when they came up with the idea but it worked out pretty well. Some of them actually even looked like Bunnies but I will admit that most of them looked more like the one on the right...a bit like what Stitch would look like if he were a bunny. Oh well, the kid got a laugh out of them and they were good!
 Tory had much better luck with her Pinterest idea! These are Rice Krispie Treat "nests" with Peeps and Chocolate "eggs" nestled on top. Totally adorable so we give this one a WIN in the "tried it" department.
 I don't know what other families do but here in our family it is traditionally a Ham Dinner. My mom got this delicious Spiral Cut Ham and roasted it up with a Djion Mustard sauce. SO good!
 There are always potatoes of some sort on the table as well. This year it was cheesy scalloped potatoes. They were creamy and crunch and Oh, So, Good!
And there is always a green veggie on the table. Now, Mom admits she got a bit distracted when the asparagus was cooking so these were not "crisp" by anyone's stretch of the imagination but with the garlic and butter they were simply divine!
Canned biscuits made a second appearance on our plates today but in their normal round form this time! Now I realize that many people will turn their noses up at canned biscuits. That the only "real" biscuits are the ones made from scratch. And, as a baker, I agree. But as an eater I really don't care. Yummy is yummy whether it's from scratch or from a can. I think we all had two of these! Mmmmmm!

 Part of Easter Dinner is the presentation. Yellow gingham tablecloth topped with white dishes that are trimmed in blue. Beautiful Spring colors and presentation!
 Finally there comes dessert. You can find out the recipe and step by step instructions on our Cat's Cakes Cake Blog! In public we refer to this as "Pistachio Pudding Pie" but inside our family it's simply known as "The Green Stuff". Basically it's this wonderful combination of a Ritz Cracker crust, Pistachio Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cool Whip and Heath Bars. It is just amazingly good stuff and a family favorite!

Next week I'll be bringing you ideas for a Garden Party perfect for Mother's Day, Bridal Showers or Birthday Parties! In the meantime join us on our Facebook Fan Site for a new wedding or craft tip every single day! See you there!


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