Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday! It's Baseball Season again! Little Leaguer's everywhere are beginning their practice games and getting ready for Opening Day while pro teams are reporting to Spring Training. An easy and fun party theme for your baseball crazy birthday guy or girl is what we are presenting today! I'm a New York Yankees fan, and yes, I have had a baseball themed birthday party, so today I'm using that team for inspiration but there is every team in the League out there in the party stores and online so you can get themed party supplies and have a party that reflects your favorite team! 
 These invitations from are just $1.60 each and definitely get the theme across for your guests!
The party I was at yesterday had these cute photo invitations, also from and also for only $1.60 each! The mom had one of these framed up and ready to go on the cake table!

This time of year half of the US is covered in snow, part is still having rainy days and only some has sunshine every day. So if you are part of the world that is stuck inside this time of year then making or buying banners can really help dress up your inside space. It is amazing how big of a difference it makes to not just dress up the tables but also the walls or area above your guests heads.

 One thing Tory does for all of our events is make water bottle labels. She designs each one to reflect the event, the colors and adds a bit of personalization that you may not be able to find inexpensively online.
What you can find easily at online stores such as Oriental Trading Company and Birthday Party Express, are themed paper goods. Now here is a money saving tip. While it's fun to have everything blasting the theme you can cut corners to make your budget stretch farther. Pick one piece, the dinner or dessert plates, or the napkins and get those in the themed goods. Then use solid colored paper pieces from the grocery store or dollar store to coordinate at much less cost.

But if your budget isn't a big deal then splurge for the works. I totally fell in love with these "jersey" napkins!

 The whole set, at Oriental Trading Company, for 18 place settings is only $30! A very inexpensive way to outfit your party and set your theme up big. Of course I would find Yankees stickers to put on those plain white cups but, that's me...gotta take it one more step! LOL!
 One year we had our son's party at a bowling alley. They gave him a bowling pin and we had all of his friends/family sign it with a sharpie. It's still in his room. How about giving your baseball fan a similar momento by getting a wooden bat, about $15, and letting the guests sign it with different colored sharpies? What a very cool momento for your fan.
And how about a pinata for your slugger? Yup, even the grown ups would love to take a swing at this baseball and hear the crack of the bat.

Setting up a "Snack Bar" is super easy. Colored paper bags and plastic buckets as well as the banner help to sell this look.

 Add in some typical ball park snacks like peanuts, crackerjacks and Big League Chew and it helps the theme along.
 And these food cards are super easy to make. Just buy the striped scrapbook paper, print it out on the computer and then fold and set up in front of your food! Keep the food simple, hot dogs, hamburgers and nachos will make your crowd happy.
Time for favors! If your budget allows $3 per guest then get some baseballs to hand out as your guests leave your party.

 Before you hand them out, use them as decor for the food table! Pile them up in a bucket, a vase or a basket and they will add one more detail for your theme.
 Need a less expensive favor? How about caramel corn? Just use zip lock bags and staple on printed out tags after filling with the caramel corn. These are about 50 cents each and a fun personalized favor for your guests!
 Cupcakes are an easy way to continue your theme and these picks are super easy to make. Just print the designs out onto scrapbook paper and then use a circle punch to cut them out. Cut out extra circles for the backs and just use double stick tape to secure the toothpicks in between the two circles of paper. Then just stick them into the top of the cupcakes!
If you make baseball themed cupcakes like these from Cat's Cakes, you can just use a few picks to help dress up the cupcake display. Learn how to make these over at the Cake Blog so you can dress up your cake table with the dessert too!

Right now we are giving tips and tricks for St. Patrick's Day on our Facebook Fan Site so we hope you stop on by and take a look for some new ideas for your upcoming holiday!


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