Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seahorse Beach Wedding

 This week on the Party Blog we are sharing some ideas for a Seahorse Beach themed Wedding Day! If you are actually having your wedding on the beach, or overlooking the beach, then half of your decorating needs are taken care of already! The view sets the mood, the color palette and floor to sky view. So let's add a few more personal touches... 
 There are so many different invitations that feature the seahorse motif that you will find it hard to pick just one! We loved the colors on this one. 
If you want to go with a general invitation that just sets the mood and theme of the ocean and of a beach wedding then you could print out your own invitations on watercolor paper and do it yourself with watercolor paints or you could order these beautiful invitations from Wedding Paper Divas
Welcome your guests with a hand painted sign (you can purchase one like it on Etsy if you are not a DIY'er) that becomes a wonderful reminder of your wedding day in your home.
 Set out these beautiful fans from Imbue You and your guests not only have a way to keep cool, a way to know what is going to be happening in your ceremony but also it's a wonderful way to add to your decor!
 Blue and white is commonly used in beach weddings but if you want to just have touches of blue for your day rather than make it a focal point, then you can just put bits of it here or there like these white and green bouquets tied up with navy blue ribbon.
 Or maybe you want to take blue and make it a major focal point! We have found that it is easier to mix hues of color rather than just pick one color for your day and then highlight those different hues at different places in your day. Here the dresses give a wonderful pop of color so you don't need to have the flowers add to that. Pure white flowers tied with white satin ribbon are perfect against the backdrop of the aquamarine colored dresses.
 Don't forget that you will be walking on the sand if you have a ceremony out on the beach. This is impossible to do in heels so unless you want to go barefoot then you will want to get a great pair of flats. These from Extraseed would be simply beautiful! What a great way to show off your "something blue"!
 You can easily buy bags of seashells online that you can then use to line your ceremony aisle. If you have your heart set on flowers just tuck single blooms in between each shell!
 Add a touch of your theme to your hair with a decorative piece of jewelry. There are several places online where you can find one that fits your hairstyle.
A sand ceremony is a beautiful way to show your commitment and create a wonderful keepsake of your day. Are you blending families? Then just use different colors of sand for each member of the blended family. Each child will feel loved and included in the wedding day.
If you are looking for a unique way to say thank you to your Bridesmaids then how about finding a beach bag and filling it up with great stuff for the weekend. A personalized towel, some snacks and a beach themed magazine would be beautiful! 
 We love the signs used for this drink table! It just adds a bit of Beach Chic to your day. Notice how the stacked limes adds a bit of green color that matches the Mojito Bar idea. Perfect!
 As I mentioned before, the beach and ocean do most of the decorating for you so keep your tables simple. 

 A wonderfully easy DIY project is these vases. Just wrap clear glass containers with rubber bands and then spray paint them the color to match your reception. Tuck in a candle or use them for your flowers for a beautiful and budget friendly way to add more art and decor to your day.
 Using shells for decor is a "gimmee" when it comes to a beach wedding. How pretty would these shells tucked with single blooms be in the center of each place setting...or use a sharpie to write the guest names on the shells and use them as place cards!
 If your budget allows a few more details then consider adding napkin rings that match the theme. They are not budget friendly at about $5 each but if your budget allows they would make for beautiful favors for your guests. Just remember to attach a tag so they know the napkin rings are theirs to take home!
 And speaking of favors. I found so many sites out there where you can get chocolate seahorse favors for your guests that the hard part will be deciding what flavor you want!
If you are going with a dessert bar instead of a cake, or with a smaller cake, then having your caterer set up a "sampler" filled with different types of puddings would not just be yummy but would be beautiful for your reception tables! A little bit of something for everyone.
But if you are looking for a wedding cake then one like this one from Cat's Cakes would be a beautiful centerpiece for your day. Covered in white vanilla fondant, trimmed in sugared fondant and then decorated with colored fondant and sugar hand painted seahorses this cake is made even more perfect by adding a topper of poured sugar "water" and more sugar seahorses. Quite the showstopper to WOW your guests!

I'm a beach baby so an ocean themed day is my favorite. Hopefully you found some tips to make your day more colorful, beautiful and personalized. Next week we'll head the other way and give you some ideas for a Forest Themed Wedding. Until then you can get daily tips and tricks on our Facebook Fan Site ! 

See you there!


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