Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Party!

Well, it's the week before Halloween! That means a LOT of parties will be going on this weekend. If you are one of those who is throwing a party and are just getting into the set up (or have been putting off the set up) this week then maybe we'll be able to help you out with a few cool ideas for your party! If you are a Party Girl and are already set up for this year then maybe we'll give you some new ideas for next year's bash!
 As always a good party starts out with a great invitation. I love these from Zazzle.com and they cost about $2 each. Is that a budget buster? Then just print them out on your own computer! Find some scrapbook paper, cut it down to size, print the invites out on your computer and then tuck into an envelope to hand out. Michael's has everything you would need to be able to do this for about 50 cents each. 
 Then, of course, there is the outside of the house to decorate! So here is the brilliance for this set up. The Bats are just construction paper, the brooms are just sticks with shredded paper bags taped on the end and painted black and then the rest is just a whole bunch of different types of pumpkins!
 Even easier, and cheaper, are these great construction paper owls with spray painted branches! If you don't have any in your yard just go to your nearest park and pick a few up for free!
 If you want to go a bit less scary then consider and afternoon of carving all shapes and sizes of pumpkins. Don't want to carve that many? Then carve enough for every other or every third step and either leave the others whole or paint them! You just want enough light to illuminate everything.
 And don't forget your windows! We had a friend who did the silhouette thing in her windows and placed a black light behind each one for an awesome effect!
If you don't really have any great windows that you can do that with (or the patience to cut out the scary shapes) then look for the huge plastic "posters" that are around and stick one of those in the window! The kids in our complex LOVE our "Frankie" each year.
 And don't forget all those wonderfully shaped (and affordable) gourds that you find at the Pumpkin Patch and store! String them on twine and hang them up on your fence or bannister!
More and more we are finding fun shapes of gourds and pumpkins out there. Not your typical Jack-o-lantern so they will get a lot more notice!
And here is one of my favorite "finds" this year! SOOOOO simple and yet just perfect for a Halloween Party! (Or a Monsters, Inc Party!). Just buy a pack of "Googly Eyes" and stick them onto plastic orange, black and/or white drink cups. LOVE it!
 Don't forget that pumpkins make great bowls too! Because of all of the sugar that will be consumed make sure to always have some healthy snacks on your table too. Pull it into your theme by using a small sugar pumpkin as a dipping bowl!
 Even dessert can be more healthy. Pineapple and mandarin oranges layered into small glasses and topped with non-fat whipped cream make for cute little "Candy Corn" treats!
 Ok, so not everyone wants to eat healthy! These marshmallow pops are SO easy! Just get candy melts in both yellow and orange and then just use a lolipop stick in the marshmallow for dipping and eating. Dip the orange half way up the marshmallow and let dry on parchment paper. When dry dip into the yellow about halfway up the orange. Perfect "Candy Corn" marshmallow pops!
 Do you want even easier? All you need is chocolate backed shortbread cookies, Hershey kisses and some orange frosting. Turn the cookie chocolate side up, add a dab of orange frosting and a kiss and you have perfect Witches Hats! 
 Easier?? Get some glazed donuts, mini chocolate chips and plastic vampire teeth. Carefully stick the teeth into the hole and use the point of the chip to poke in the two eyes. The kids will LOVE this one!
 Even your drinks can be "themed" for your guests. Set out a few ice filled/drink filled pumpkins for your guests and just refill as needed.
Of course we always do themed water bottle labels for our parties. Just printed out on a computer, trimmed to size and taped onto the bottles of water, these always get a big reception from our guests! This party was Pirate Themed!
 I love the idea of taking a garage sale find, spray painting the insert with chalkboard paint and the frame with something glittery! You can hang it up "as is" and let people puzzle about it or write a spooky message, draw a spooky character or just use it for the party menu. 
 Another really easy decoration are candles. Just take a red candle and drip the wax over white candles for the look of dripping blood! Cheap and easy!
 Ok, just as easy but not as cheap is the glittered pumpkin. The fine glitter does cost a few bucks but all you have to do is spread out some newspaper, paint the pumpkin with white glue and sprinkle with glitter. DONE! And, they are SOOO pretty! If you are using different colors of glitter just pour the left overs off the newspaper and make one last combo colored pumpkin for your table!
 This would be super funny for your food table. Just cut out a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin to clean it out and then carve a few holes out of the side for the plastic mice to crawl in and out of! SO funny!
 With kids there are always games or crafts to be done. Painting their own pumpkins to take home is a great activity for any age.
 This is a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Blow up balloons and put in slips of paper that say "Money", "Candy" or "Toy". Hang up the balloons on your fence with push pins. Blindfold the kids and let them take turns popping the balloons and then hand out quarters, candy or dimestore toys as prizes

 Of course there has to be cake! These mini cupcakes from Cat's Cakes are just frosted with buttercream and topped with little cookie cutter cut out spooky fondant shapes. 
Finally your party favors. Poke holes into a pumpkin and stick in a whole package (or two) of lolipops like Dum Dum's or Tootsie Roll Pops and let everyone take one or two with them when they leave the party!

We will begin our decorating on next Monday and there will be flying bats, carved and painted pumpkins, glittered pumpkins and spooky creatures popping out! Hope you, too, have a great Halloween!


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