Monday, September 23, 2013

Neutral Wedding Palette Wedding

Happy Monday! This week we present a "Neutral Wedding Palette". Lots of ideas for your wedding day!
 First we start off with invitations from Wedding Paper Divas. These have a more modern feel to them for those who don't want a "frilly" feel to their wedding day.
 But if you want something that feels a bit more Vintage or Classic then these, also from Wedding Paper Divas, cost about $1.30 per invitation so they are affordable as well as beautiful! 
 Greet your guests with a charming directional sign to your ceremony space. Easy to DIY or to pick up on Etsy.
 "Nude" "Champagne" "Ivory" are all names for "off white". These colors offset your white dress gently. Because they are in the same color palette they compliment your dress perfectly.
 You don't have to remove color from your wedding, just choose muted colors that fall inside that neutral color palette. Pink, sage, peach, butter yellow all fall in that neutral palette so they will work for your wedding day!
 If flowers are not your thing then you can substitute them with a beautiful fabric bouquet. This one from Etsy costs the same as a real flower bridal bouquet but you get to keep it forever!
 Looking for a way to show off your "something blue" without flashing a bright color at your neutral colored wedding? These stick on gems are available at most craft stores like Michaels and will look beautiful on the arch of your shoes!
 Dressing up your ceremony aisle can be expensive or more budget friendly. Here they grouped clear cylinders with pillar candles at about every 3 rows of chairs and rose petals heavily dusted down the aisle. This is the expensive version. You can place the same candles at the beginning of the aisle, the middle of the aisle and the head of the aisle and you can use carnation petals, which look very pretty and frilly and cost about a fourth of what rose petals cost, or even boxed silk rose petals sprinkled down a little lighter or thinner down the aisle. You will get the same feel as the more expensive set up. 
 Another very cute idea is to take an old, damaged romantic book (they used Pride & Prejudice here) and a heart paper punch and have your flower girl sprinkle these hearts all the way down the aisle. Nothing to stain your dress and very romantic!
 Dressing up your reception space is easy if you keep your colors in that neutral palette. Gold Chivari chairs are the more expensive rental but worth the cost when you consider they add a bit of bling and shine to your reception space! Remember that the smallest of details make all of the difference.
 Trying to fill up the ceiling of a large space is not only expensive, it's impossible. So pick your areas and just create a grouping, like these tissue paper pom poms, in that one space. 
 Little details like the Mr. & Mrs. hangers on the back of the chairs add another layer of romance to your day.
 Picking a venue that is already heavy with the colors of your palette makes decorating the tables that much easier. This is a very grand display but you could easily just choose crystal candle holders with large poms of baby's breath or hydrangeas and set out lots of votives to illuminate it all.
 You can find birdcages in your local craft store like Michaels. They usually come in white but you can easily spraypaint it to be whatever color you'd like. They used a very dark bronze here to give it an antique look. You don't need to tie with ribbons but just place a little "Cards" card on the front so your guests will know where to set theirs on the table. In fact, have your parents start off the trend by placing their cards in first.
 Or you can make a "Card Box". Cut the bottom out of the top and middle boxes then glue them together into the stack. These are covered in beautiful metallic scrapbook paper but you can use any type of wrapping paper for this project. Tie with a pretty bow, glue on a matching flower and stick a rhinestone button in the center. 
 Guest books are largely out of fashion because most people have figured out that they just live in a plastic tote somewhere after the wedding. However, if your guest book is filled with photos from your engagement photo session then you know it will be looked at lots of times over the years. Either have your photographer make you a photo book that has blank pages across from each image or make one yourself on Shutterfly!
 Your centerpieces do not have to be expensive. You can easily make a beautiful and budget friendly grouping for your centerpieces with dollar store containers, sand, votives and single blooms.
 Or take those same dollar store vases, wrap with rubber bands, spraypaint with metallic paint and, after dry, remove the bands to create beautiful vases or candle holders for your centerpiece!

 Even if you have the large centerpiece you can illuminate them with these little charming candles. Filled with lightly colored sugar, but you can use sand, then topped with various neutral colored faux pearls, these votives are elegant and beautiful as well as budget friendly!
 Using neutral colored favor boxes is another way of adding a layer of detail for your wedding palette. You could tie them with brown ribbon or any other neutral color like peach or cream. They put heart shaped seed hangers in theirs but you could fill it with a truffle or other candy or even a special candle if you like.
 Or purchase pre-made, pre-wrapped favors like these vintage key shaped bottle openers. These range between $1.50 to $2.50 each and all you have to do is set them out on the tables.
I have no idea who made this simply gorgeous cake but if you do please let me know so I can give them credit! It fits into the neutral color palette perfectly while being gorgeous and elegant and, did I mention gorgeous? What a beautiful centerpiece for your wedding day!

Next week we'll cover the Black & White Wedding! Until then you can visit us for daily tips and tricks at our Facebook Fan Site.


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