Monday, October 14, 2013

 Happy Monday! The days are getting colder here in California but no real Fall color has come to join us quite yet. With our Indian Summer making the nights cold but the days up in the 80's it is a bit confusing to our poor trees. However it got me thinking of a Forest Wedding. Here are some ideas if you are considering having one next Fall!
 First of all comes the invitations. For some a lacy or frilly invite is the only thing that will do but when you are planning a Forest themed wedding you may want to scale back the "girly" and punch up the "manly" feel of the invitations. These may be the only invites your new husband will love!
 If you plan your wedding on the edge of summer and the beginning of Fall then you will have nice enough weather for an outdoor service with the woods being your decor. Not just beautiful but really budget friendly too!
 Look for a way to present the rings in an unusual holder or tray. This little glass box filled with moss makes a perfect place for your rings. 
 Of course if your ring bearer is young then you may not want to put glass in their hands. How about this idea of gluing moss to a center cut tree ring and tying you rings on with a bow? Beautiful and if he drops it you won't have to worry about glass everywhere.
 Your flowers can pick up the theme as well, using woodland additions like thistle and fiddle head ferns.
 Ok, I know the idea of the men wearing converse shoes or tennis shoes isn't going to be a hit with everyone but what a great gift for them and a nice way to add a little playful humor to your day!
 Continue your Forest theme with your escort cards. This really is just as easy as cutting a log in half, placing it on a table covered in moss and tucking the cards into little slits cut along the length of the logs.
 And how about a guest book that echos your theme and can then go into your home as a wonderful keepsake? Just print out or draw out a tree with no leaves. Now pick up a few "Fall" ink pots from the craft store and let everyone print a leaf onto the tree. (make sure to have baby wipes there to clean their fingers!) I'll be honest and say that I think the whole fingerprint thing doesn't feel safe to me but how about just getting leaf stamps and letting them stamp a leaf and leave their names instead?
 If you are having your reception in a barn or in a place that has antique furniture let it step in as decor for you as well. You can go "rustic" and still be elegant. This dessert bar would be wonderful for your guests!
 Add touches of Fall to your tables with these place card holders. You can always use them as escort cards, as shown in the photograph, or seating cards place at the head of your place settings on the table.
 Favors can range from a dollar to ten dollars. It all depends on your budget. These cute little candy apples are just mini apples dipped twice into caramel and then speared with clean and sharpened sticks. Favor tags tied on just say Thank You. These would cost less than a dollar. How totally cute!
 These adorable pine cone candles would look great in the center of each plate on the table. They run about $2 each and make a great gift for your guest as well as add more "Forest" decor to your tables.
 If your budget allows and you are having your reception at a winery then this leave wine bottle stopper (about $4-$6 each) would make a lovely gift. 
 Speaking of gifts. Don't forget your girls. This locket and charms are from Origami Owl and would make lovely gifts for your 'Maids. The lockets range from $20-$38 and then the little charms are about $5 each with the little dangles coming in at about $10. Place a few charms that match your day or match your 'Maid so you end up with a very personalized gift. 

 And don't forget about you. A locket filled with charms that will remind you of your wedding day such as a ring, the eternity symbol, a leaf, a heart, would be perfect to hang from your bouquet. Just remember to remove it before tossing!
Finally there is cake. Yes, a frilly lacy wedding cake is always gorgeous to find at a wedding but this type of theme needs a cake that fits in perfectly. This fiddle head fern cake from Cat's Cakes would be perfect for your Forest Themed Wedding.

This upcoming week is my birthday! Due to orders in the weekends before and after my birthday we are spending the day here at home so I get to make my own birthday cake this year!!! Yup, I'm totally excited! So what I'm going to do is come up with a party plan that would match the cake I'm going to make and share it all with you next weekend! See you then!


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