Monday, June 10, 2013

 Happy Monday! This week we have a Beach Wedding Party Plan for you. There are many ways you can go with this plan including a blue and white palette, palm tree motif, lei goes on and on. We chose the sand as our foundation color and the pink hibiscus as our accent color.
 These invitations cover both colors and the feel of the modern beach wedding. It takes the neutral sand color and makes it look elegant.
 "Beach" hair is a challenge. Anything too formal wouldn't fit the theme and anything too loose could end up flying all over the place due to the beach breezes. This half up half down version with teeny orchids and diamond pins is perfection.
 There is also a few ways you can go for your girls. Chiffon makes for a flirty fabric choice that does very well in that beach breeze. You can go with a long version or the short version like this wedding party. Either way, consider flats for your girls. 
 In fact, consider flats for you too! These gorgeous beaded ballet flats would be perfect for walking in the sand.
Flowers also offer a lot of choices. We love the plumeria accented by the hibiscus blooms in this bridal bouquet.
 You can also use the sand color for your girls dresses and then accent that color with pink in the bouquets. Keep the pink as an accent or it will be a little too harsh in the photos.
 You can even fit some pink in for your groom. If he's not the "pink" tie kind of guy then just a simple pink bloom on his lapel will work very well.
 Even the Ring Bearer can fit into the plan. Tan shorts, suspenders are topped of perfectly with a little pink bow tie. Simply adorable!
 The old "Bride's Side" "Groom's Side" has pretty much gone away. Chances are the happy couple has known each other for a very long time and has lots of mutual friends. So more and more often you will find signs like this one that encourage guest to sit where they like. 
 A simple and inexpensive way to decorate your aisle is tulle. Sold for about $1 a yard , you can buy 40 yards and then just drape it over the chair, tie with a simple bow and tuck in a few wild grasses or flowers for a lovely beach look.
 If you don't want to get married on the sand then overlooking the water is a lovely option. Along the seashore there are plenty of hotels that have balconies with gorgeous water and beach views. The same type of feel but with solid ground under your feet instead of sand. A big plus if you are girl who loves heels!
 Welcome your guests into the reception with an adorable sign like this one that you can then hang in your home long after the wedding day has passed. 
 As they walk in have someone waiting with something to drink. If it's warm enough to have an outdoor wedding then it's plenty warm enough to need a drink after the ceremony. Just make sure that if your signature drink is alcoholic to have a nonalcoholic version available on the same tray.
 The beauty of a beach wedding is that you can go as simple as you like with your tables. A simple pink and white centerpiece on a light tan tablecloth fits perfectly.
 Or make the flowers your "tan" and the candles your "pink" on a white or off white tablecloth. Beautiful.
 A simple tropical bloom at each place setting would work wonderfully as well. If your flower budget is tight then use sand and shells for your centerpieces with a couple of candles and then place a single bloom on each napkin. Simple, yet lovely.
 Over the tables, or maybe just the food tables, you can easily create a bit of drama with paper lanterns and tissue paper balls. A beautiful way to make a statement.
 You don't need to dress up each chair, which can get to be very expensive, but you can add a touch of beauty for you and your Groom's chairs. This is just chiffon fabric that has been woven in and out of the chair rungs to make a beautiful soft pattern for the back of the chair.
 And with such beauty your guests will want to take photos! If you are ok with them posting them before you get a chance to even get back from your honeymoon...or even done with your first dance with your new husband...then have one of your groomsmen pass out these little cards, either before the ceremony, or as guests enter the reception or just place one or two on each table.
There are, literally, hundreds of beach favor options out there from cookies, to candy tins, to bottle stoppers to frames. We love these bottle openers that look like starfish! 
And then it's time for Cake! This hibiscus wedding cake from Cat's Cakes would be perfect for a lovely pink accented wedding. With the fondant flowers and the sugar shells it would fit into the color palette and the beach theme wonderfully!

Next week we'll bring you another sand and shore party...a Surfer's Birthday Party Plan! In the meantime it's Father's Day over at our Facebook fan site so stop on by and get a few ideas to make your Father's Day celebration even better!


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