Monday, June 17, 2013

 Happy Monday! Can you believe that June is half over already!?! This past week I was tapped to make a cake for my son's 6th Grade Graduation and they wanted surf boards so after making the cake I thought, "What a cute party that would be!" and decided to share with you a very cute Birthday Party Plan!
 There are many surf themed invitations out there but I totally loved these! And if you don't have a pool? Just throw some blow up kiddie pools will find that people will still play in the water!
 Set the mood with themed paper goods. What I really liked about this set up was how they used patterned napkins with solid colored napkins to wrap around the flatware. SO cute. You could do this with any party and it would be a hit!
 I was just at the Dollar Store the other day and these nets were a buck each! What an easy way to decorate your tables, fence line, even doors!
 Table top tiki torches are everywhere this time of year but if they are not readily available in your neighborhood then you can find them, and the nets and several other beach themed items, at Oriental Trading Company online.
 Serving something like salad can be hard on a hot day. So filling up a floatie with ice and then placing your food down into the ice will keep it nice and fresh and cold.
 That goes for your drinks too! A blow up floatie or kiddie pool works great to hold bottles and cans!
 You can even make your food part of the theme. This fruit salad is just different fruits arranged to look like a beach ball. Really simple to make!
 And for your table use new washed buckets to hold your food! Chips, crackers, fruit all would work very well with shovels and pails on the table.
 This is a super cute way to present candy in a pool or beach theme...
 Or take the easy way out and just buy a bucket of redvines and then cover label with themed paper and tied with matching ribbon. SO easy!
The one thing that always stands out poorly is the trash can. And if you want to recycle then you will have TWO cans sticking out! You can buy these can covers at Oriental Trading company for just a few bucks and make the cans part of your decor instead of spending your time trying to hide them.

 On to favors. I also saw bunches of these brightly colored shovels and pails at the Dollar Store that would make great favors for your little guests.
 And I've yet to find an adult who can resist the little rubber duckies! These beach themed cuties would be great to put on your desk at the office or just toss at the tv screen when your team messes up!
 The one favor you should hand out early is the beach balls! Just start tossing them out into the crowd and before you know it, you have a game of beach dodge ball going on in your back yard!
Finally the cake that started it all! This is a chocolate cake, from Cat's Cakes, and is covered in blue and white butter cream "water" and then decorated with fondant hand painted surf boards. The boards on top "lean" against a rack made from tied together wooden skewers. The boards are actually secured with some piped butter cream so they wouldn't fall off but it was a cute effect and the cake was a huge hit with the kids at the school. Imagine what a great centerpiece it would make for your surf and sand themed birthday party! 

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Next week we will cover a certain little someone's Construction Themed 2nd Birthday Party! See you then!


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