Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Tuesday! Ok, so running one day late with the blog. I'm on vacation right now and, well, my 2 year old grandson is quite the distraction! LOL! I didn't totally forget but it was insanely late last night when I did remember...so better late than never? Today we bring you Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Party! 
 I think everyone would love to have the big expensive, anything you want you can have, party. But since most of us don't have 1K to spend on our kids parties we have to be a bit more selective on what we do and do not have on the big day and figure out how to get what we do want for less money.  And that starts with the invitations! The Mom here simply made her own! She just designed them on her computer and printed them out on nice computer paper and then backed them with colored card stock! Simply adorable!
 Now to set the table. Black and yellow are the perfect background colors for a Construction Party Plan! The flatware is just yellow plastic wrapped up in black napkins tied with black ribbon. Add in the patterned napkins, black plates and cups and you have your Construction theme set for the day!
 Sandwiches are always easy to eat and when you set them out with all the trimmings, fresh fruit, bagged chips and you have the perfect but easy and affordable spread for your guests.
 So here is one of the cutest tips I have found this year. Get new trucks for your little guy and line them with plastic wrap, foil or butcher paper and then fill with treats for your guests to grab. The Mom here was smart because she actually set up an "overflow" cup for that inevitable tumble of pretzels to come.
 The trucks add to your theme as well as give you another serving dish for convenient self serve...in this case,   Cookies!
 Here is a look at the whole table. Everything within easy reach and everything in the party colors too!
 The little favor boxes were SO cute! The kids loved the little cartoon tools....
 And, inside, they found little construction vehicles to play with, blow-outs, bubbles, foam tool and sunglasses for each child. SO cute!
 You don't have to go crazy with decorations to keep the theme going...a few balloons and construction site tape does the trick perfectly!
And then there is cake! A friend of theirs did up this wonderful Construction Themed cake for Benjamin. How completely adorable!

So it's easy to throw a great "at home" party and have all fun and feel of an expensive one if you just make sure to add in the little details. Benjamin had a great party, a fun time celebrating with his friends and family...just perfect for this adorable 2 year old!

Next week I'll feature a baby shower! Hope you can come back next week and see how it all turns out!


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