Monday, June 3, 2013

 Happy Monday! I got to work on this wonderful cake this weekend for a wedding that had a beautiful yellow and grey color palette. Now, the first time I heard of that combination I couldn't imagine it being beautiful...until I saw it in person. Gorgeous!
While I had never even heard of this color combo before apparently the invitation companies sure have! These are the type of invites for the wedding I attended so I thought I'd share them with all of you.
Most Bridal Stores will carry sashes you can add to your dress if yours doesn't already have one. Just pick out a bright yellow or, in this case, a silver sash to add a bit more of your color to your day.
And don't forget to add texture as well. This wedding is very whimsical so, of course, so was the bouquet. Who needs roses when you have flirty daisies and pom pom mums!

Your girls can easily fit right into this palette too! Have your Maid of Honor pick out either yellow or grey for her color dress and dress your other girls in the color she didn't pick.
And don't forget fun flirty flowers for your girls too! A mixed arrangement like this one tied with a big silver bow helps to add to the fun of the day.
Now yellow is a bit much for a guy but a nice tie matched with a gorgeous grey tuxedo would be divine! Top off your Groom's look with a Pom Pom Mum Boutonniere.

Or let his guys sport the yellow ties while he sticks to dark grey. Just make sure that his boutonniere is different from his groomsmen.
Simple but fun is the way of this day. Grey tablecloths with white milk glass vases and yellow flowers are perfection. Add in yellow napkins and your place settings are complete.
Make sure to have a pretty "Cards" box available to your guests. In this day and age when gift cards, as well as cash, are often given you don't want to end up with a stack of cards that somehow got pushed behind a banquet table. This one is super easy to DIY but there are lots of places to buy one already made online.
I love these favors. The boxes are from Martha Stewart and you just use scrapbook paper, two regular square paper punches and one frilly square paper punch to create the tag. Finish it off with a silver scrapbook pen and you have the perfect favor box for this wedding plan!
A "Viennese" dessert table is in style this season in a big way. This means that you don't just have wedding cake but lots of other desserts there to delight your guests. Easy enough to do with purchased rosettes for the wall, pretty fabric and a banner made from paper doilies, round punched paper and sticker letters. Just glue to a satin ribbon and string along the front of the table. 
But, of course, there was cake! This fun and flirty pinwheel cake from Cat's Cakes really makes a great centerpiece. It is even lemon cake inside so when it was cut into there was the Brides' color! Handmade paper pinwheels in the wedding colors was perfect for this theme and this palette. 

Next week we'll head to the islands with a whole new wedding cake and color palette! In the meantime find out what sort of extra fun we had this week over at Cat's Cakes and see what we are up to every day on our  Facebook!

See you next Monday!


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