Monday, January 28, 2013

 Happy Monday! If you caught the Cake Blog yesterday then you know that we are Super Bowl Bound! 
Whether you are a San Francisco fan or a Baltimore fan or just a football fan chances are you are planning to have a gathering of some sort to watch the game. Well, today's Party Blog is aimed at you!
 Obviously most of us are not having a big enough party to require invitations but how fun are these? 
 What you do need, however, is food and lots of it! Setting the theme is very easy. You can either buy a tablecloth that looks like the gridiron or make one! Just take a paper or plastic tablecloth and then use masking or white medical tape for the lines and scrapbooking number stickers for the numbers! That is most certainly what we are doing here at our house!
 But you don't have to stop with the food! Save up some larger empty cans, wash and dry them well and then tape brown construction paper on the outside and paint on some "laces"! Perfect for holding anything you want from your flatware to napkins to straws!
 If you look around this week you will see all sorts of football themed plates and bowls that are either paper or ceramic. If you have a lot of football themed gatherings during the season then invest a bit in the ceramic forms like the one shown above.
 For most of us, this is a once a year deal so paper works just fine. Remember that white medical tape you used for the yard lines? Well, if you have kids coming, wrap their juice boxes with more of the brown construction paper and use the tape for the laces! Perfect and easy!
 Yes, there will be a lot of different types of food at your party. Try to remember to serve a few veggies as well as the deep fried foods. One fun way to serve dips is to hollow out some cabbage heads and fill with dip! And there's no bowl to clean up in the end!
 Super Bowl Parties are not known for healthy food. But you can serve them in healthy portions and cook them in healthier ways. These mini chili bowls are just big enough to give your crew the option of chili in a smaller size.
 And these taco cups, filled with everything your crew loves about tacos, are baked! That makes them healthier right there while keeping the great taste.
 BIG sandwiches are a tradition on many Super Bowl tables. You can certainly make your own but many deli's are running specials this week so you could give yourself a bit of a break with this one.
 But if you are known for your sandwiches then take it one yard further and make your own on personal sized buns (ie: rolls) for your guests. These pulled pork with slaw sandwiches would be SO good to add to your buffet.
 Football themed foods are fun too. This cheese roll is a really fun way to add to your theme.
 And I just had to laugh at these Deviled Eggs. Regular eggs with green onion "laces". Perfect!
 With as cold as it is across the US this week I felt I needed to add a bit of sweet you can stir into your hot chocolate or coffee. These are just plastic spoons dipped into melted chocolate with melted white chocolate laces. Just dry them upside down and you have more perfect footballs for the table!
 And, while you definitely want something sweet, you still want it to be bite sized and easy to eat while sitting on a sofa! These football cupcakes from Cat's Cakes would be perfect. They are easy to make so hop on over to the blog to find out how to make them!
 While most of us are still stuck to the couch during the commercials there is always Half Time to fill. There is about 45 minutes of great musical acts that sound terrible with the poor sound system in the stadium so why not get up and play a game or two. If it's too cold to go outside then how about "Field Goal Pin"? Easy to tape up on any door...and you still have leftover brown construction paper from the decorating for the footballs right? Just use double stick tape on the back and you have a quick and easy game for your guests!
Warm enough to go outside or have a "safe" inside corner? Then challenge your friends to the Football Throw! See how well your couch potato friends can actually throw the pigskin and how many just talk a good game!
Whatever you do, make sure that there is enough food, and enough types of food for all of your guests. This is one of those parties where there can't be enough food or enough types of food to fill your table! Part of the fun of Super Bowl is the week of leftovers that follows so go crazy! Just make sure to buy some disposable containers for your guests to take home a "doggie bag" so they can share in the leftovers as well.

Have a great time and a fun party! We will be rooting for the 49'rs here in our home...our Bay Area Hero' I know we'll have a great time!

Next week I have a Vintage Wedding theme with a Modern twist for all of you Bride's out there still trying to figure out what direction to take for your wedding day! See you then!


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