Monday, January 21, 2013

 Happy Monday! The past two weeks we have been giving daily tips and craft ideas over at our Facebook fan site so today we are featuring a Valentine's Day Wedding Party Plan. 
 Yes, hearts and flowers are very much a part of this particular theme so why not start off with invitations that make it clear that this is the theme for your wedding day. These from Your Invitation Place start at just 1.06 each which includes the gorgeous lined envelope!
 Even double backed invitations are affordable. These are also from Your Invitation Place and start at just 1.27 each. VERY affordable!
 Make sure to play up the theme in your photographs. Have your photographer take shots that includes hearts or big red painted LOVE letters. SO cute!
 This doesn't mean your wedding can't be elegant. These amazing beaded bridesmaids dresses from Melissa and Beth are simply stunning. 
 There are so many glam heels out there that it would be hard to choose which one you want to wear but what if you are not a "heels" girl or walking on grass or sand? It doesn't mean you have to give up the Glam. These beaded flats from Jimmy Choo are so beautiful you will keep figuring out occasions to break them back out to wear after the wedding!
 For your dress you have lots of color options. With lining and big ribbons in red you can definitely add that gorgeous touch of color to your dress. Are you incorporating black into the color palette? Then tie with a black ribbon and carry red flowers! Beautiful!
 If you are a true fashion icon then maybe a white dress for this "red" day is just too tame. Well, rest assured that they now make red wedding dresses too! You would make quite the stir in this gorgeous gown on your wedding day!
This aisle look is so very very easy to attain! All you are doing is setting down a red carpet and covering it with an aisle runner that is partially see through. Scatter real or silk petals down the sides and then accent with red flower bouquets. Along with the standard white wedding chairs you have a beautiful setting for your walk down the aisle.
 If you are looking for a more simple "cute" idea for your aisle or maybe for the walk way up to the reception, then these little hearts on sticks is just so sweet! And it's easy to do too! Just double back construction paper hearts, different sized or same size, onto wooden skewers and stick them into the ground. You can use all different colors like they did here or just red, pink and white for your Valentine's Day theme.
Colored sand for your sand ceremony can be a beautiful touch, not only for your ceremony but also for your home after your wedding day. Do you have family members you want to include in your ceremony? Just give them their own color and layer them up inside the container or frame. 
 Scrapbooking stickers come in all sorts of colors and patterns. You can use them to write out little love sayings such as this one or use the sayings on Conversation Hearts. Frame them and set them up on your guest book table and gift table for an easy adorable detail for your day.

 Fortunately the color palette for a Valentine's Day wedding is an easy one to coordinate and decorate with for your reception space. Broad red ribbon tied into a simple knot will add a splash of color to each chair or even every other chair.
 And don't forget the area over your guests heads. Extra large balloons, size 3-4 feet, or paper lanterns along with twinkle lights will help to complete your space and add drama to the space as well.
 If you are having a more intimate setting with a smaller guest list then you can add more detail to each table with their own groupings of balloons or lanterns. If you only have 4 to 5 tables then you have the chance to really make a big splash with your budget.
 The details on your tables really matter as well. If you have decided to include disposable cameras to your party plan then make sure to get those that work with your theme. These "LOVE" cameras fit the Valentine's theme perfectly.
You can even fit your bottles of wine into the theme! Printing out labels you design or ordering personalized labels online will add another special touch to your tables.
If you used the hearts on sticks leading up to your altar or into your reception space you can use these little hearts to coordinate. Just paper hearts on toothpics and then stuck into Kisses makes these really easy to add to your day. You can scatter them onto the tables or use them as place cards. Cute!
 Mini champagne bottles are very hot this season. Why not tie on a heart covered paper straw with ribbon on each little bottle and set them out on a table for all of your guests?!
 Boxed favors can be the way you add the chocolate to your Valentine's Day theme. Just pop a few chocolates or Kisses inside a white wrapped box and top with red ribbon and a silk heart or flower. 
 And don't forget the kids! Just use plastic shovels, slip them into plastic candy bags and then fill with candy and tie with a ribbon. The kids will love it!
 Or just place colored M&M's into little glass jars and place at each place setting. You can get 20 of these jars for about 20 dollars at Michaels...use a 40% off coupon and you save even more!

And finally there is cake. This Valentine's Day Wedding Cake from Cat's Cakes would be the perfect final detail to your day. Pleated like the Groom's white cummerbund, topped with a red bow and ribbon and with the added detail of the LOVE plaque this cake fits the Valentine's Day Wedding theme perfectly.

Next week we focus on Super Bowl! We always throw a party for Super Bowl but we are looking forward to it even more now that the San Francisco 49'rs are going to be playing in it! So next week we'll share a great party plan to make your party even better in your home! See you then!


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