Monday, January 14, 2013

 Happy Monday! Today we spotlight one of my very favorite themes...Alice In Wonderland! We are huge Disney fans in our family, which is how we fell in love with Alice in the first place, but I have come to love the "Classic" version as well. We hope you enjoy our "Alice" Birthday Party Plan!
First comes the invite. There are SO many different ones in this theme that it would be hard to choose which one is perfect but I'm sure one like this one from would definitely fit the bill for most. 

If you want to incorporate more than just the usual wording consider these fun invitations. Keep in mind that you can always print out your own invitations at many of the websites so you can choose any wording that you like!

 This table was for an Alice themed Bridal Shower but uses all the fun elements that would work great for a birthday as well! From mismatched teacups to handpainted teapots to actual grass in the planters, each element plays well with the others to create this intimate whimsical tablescape.
 But if your party is anything but intimate you can add a lot of extra fun touches in a big space such as these multicolored hanging lanterns and twinkle lights for a bright and colorful presentation!
 A super easy detail are these clock face coasters made from cardstock and thin cardboard backing. Just print out the clock faces on your computer onto card stock and then use spray on adhesive to attach to the backings. Something fun for your guests to set their glasses upon.
One pack of these cards would allow you to place a few on each table as charming accents that continue your theme for hardly any cost!
 Banners are a huge part of parties this year and an Alice inspired banner is easy with all of the Alice themed stickers out there online. Using solid colored scrapbook paper for the background and fun heart covered paper for the top layer you can easily add all different fonts and colors of stick on letters and then a sticker or two of the Alice themed stickers for your accent! Perfect!
 Not everyone has such a perfect dessert server as this one but even a regular tiered tray (you could make one yourself with plates and candlesticks glued together) would work great for a formal service of tea and cakes for your party. One or two of these on each table would serve your charming appetizers as your guests take their seats.
 And what is an Alice party without hats? These from Oriental Trading Company are a low cost super fun way to include your guests into your theme. Just place one of these on each seat and let them be discovered!
 I also found rubber stamp sets online that could be used to create the traditional "Eat Me" "Drink Me" tags that can be attached to each cup or favor.
 And speaking of favors. If you do a quick search on "small bottles" you will find lots of choices for your party favors. Everything from these cute little bottles with stoppers to test tubes that stand up in a metal tray filled with a yummy drink (either alcoholic or not) or some fun candy to munch on would make an easy fun favor that fits the theme perfectly!
 And don't forget to get some fun "critters" to place around your venue. We loved these colorful versions of flamingos who's heads swayed between their extenda-legs with the slightest breeze. Too funny!
 Dessert can come in many forms with this theme so I couldn't just choose one version for this party plan. How about a wonderful dessert table which include teacups filled with cupcakes and topped with multi-colored frostings to start.
Then add in a woodland themed cupcake display that includes these totally cute "toadstool" cupcakes. These are easily made with red frosting and white M&M's!
Of course you could have a stunning cake like this one from Caketopolis as your grand centerpiece. This one is totally copyright safe because it doesn't feature any of the copyrighted characters but rather uses the "feeling" from Alice to make it undeniably Alice in Wonderland themed. Absolute Genius!

As I mentioned, we have done this theme before but with Alice there are just so many great ideas that you could do several parties of this theme without repeating a single idea! Too much fun!

See you next week with a Valentine's Day Wedding Party Plan!


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