Monday, June 4, 2012

 Happy Monday! Last week of school for my 11yr old! The fact that this also kicks off the Summer Birthdays, our first on this upcoming Saturday, reminded me that lots of you out there are in the planning stages of your own kiddo's birthday parties! We are a huge Disney family so I thought I'd share some Mickey and Minnie ideas with you all today. 
As usual you start off with the invitation. I'm highlighting some DIY invites today. This one is SO easy to make. Just print out the information on plain white cardstock and then use a circle cutter to cut that out. You can make the Mickey Ears the same way...just using two different sizes of circle cutters for the head and ears. Now you can stop there, add a bow for a Minnie invite or top it off with the "pants" cut out and two glued on buttons. Attach that to the other part of the invite with a brad that allows the "pants" to spin! So cute!
Speaking of are two banners that are SO easy to make up and then hang for the party! I'm all over the idea of decorating the walls as well as the tables for the party and all you need for these banners are stickers, cardstock and something to tie it together with! I love the tulle pieces they used for the Mickey banner and....
 the ribbons for this Minnie banner! If you have a big enough wall you can fill up the Mickey/Minnie Ears with photos of your little one that were taken over the past year. This is great for the first year but can be used every year no matter how old they are!

And speaking of decorating the walls! All you have to do for this incredible Mickey wall decor is accordian fold pieces of paper, secure it in the center, then fan out and attach the ends to each other! Make two different sizes of these rounds and you have Mickey Ears...add a bow and you get Minnie Ears too!
 Here is another way to add easy DIY decor to your party. Spray paint styrofoam balls and then use toothpicks to attach the little balls to the big one and you have a Mickey head...add a bow and it's suddenly Minnie! Perfect! Put a skewer into the bottom and it will stick easily into the Oasis block in your flower arrangement. We LOVE this idea!
And speaking of easy centerpiece ideas. While you are making up the invitations, make a few extra Mickey Ears to use on the goodie bags and centerpieces! This is just tissue paper gathered up around a small box or styrofoam cube and then the Ears stuck into it! Easy and SOOOO cute!
Finally onto the food! If you are having a bunch of little ones over you can make their food easy for them to handle by putting them into little cups. Make those cups match your decor and you have a way to add to your theme while giving the kids something good to eat.

And speaking of a great idea! Use a Mickey Ears cookie cutter to cut out pieces of bread, lunchmeat and cheese for this Mickey themed Sandwich Buffet! Awesome!
Let's not forget favors! These are SO easy to do. Using zip type sandwich or snack bags you can attach Ears to it with glue or a stapler after filling with treats! Just a quick Thank You for your guests!

 And I wanted to show how those Minnie Ears decorated bags really add to your decor at the party too! What little one wouldn't love to get these!

If you are a little more of a DIY Queen then you could easily make up these candy stacks. How perfect for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme!
 And now...DESSERT! And yes, I figured cakes would be a great idea as dessert but you could serve Mickey cookies as well but here is a way to serve up Mickey in a cupcake! Just take mini Oreos for the ears and glue on buttons to red cupcake collars and you have the perfect Mickey themed treat.
 Of course I couldn't go so simple! I had to make it very very complicated! LOL! The Mickey Ears on this cake are pure fondant that was moulded and dried over several days to make an actual hat. This was for our granddaughters 2nd birthday so we wanted it to be very special. The cake is covered in fondant with fondant "marbles", a fondant covered base as well as fondant Mickey heads hanging off the sides with the Birthday Girls name on them in "Disney" script. 
We used strips of crepe paper to make this Mickey themed cake table. The kids thought it was the best type of fort to play under as well! LOL! Jilly got her own personal ear topped cupcake and the cake got a wonderful backdrop for display. 

We hope you got some great ideas this week for your own Mickey or Minnie themed birthday party! If you do, drop us a line on Facebook and let us know where to see the photos!

See you next week with even more Birthday Party ideas!


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