Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday! When watching the "Wedding" shows on TV, when reading the "Bridal" magazines you will see lots and lots of "out of the box" ideas when it comes to planning your wedding. But what if "out of the box" isn't your idea of beautiful? For those who love the idea of the Classic Elegant Wedding, we bring you lots of great ideas to make your dream wedding come true!

 We begin, of course, with the invitations. They set the tone, look and even the flavor of your wedding. Those who see invitations like these gorgeous White with Shell Pink Invitations pictured above will know that your wedding is one where Elegance will be the focus.
 If you are more a fan of the pure white wedding then these invitations, with white on white embossed swirls, may just fit the bill perfectly for you.
If you want to add a teeny bit of a more modern flair but still want to stick to the pure white theme then you may want to consider these gorgeous Chandelier invitations. Chandeliers are definitely in style right now so you would find a lot of coordinating paper goods to help you set the style of your wedding.
 Continue this look and feel with your ceremony space. We love the way they incorporated the chiffon drapes and the flowers to make a simply stunning canopy that doesn't block anyone's view of the ceremony but adds just so much elegance to the event.
 Yes, white roses are the "classic" choice for the theme but you can have any white flowers that you would like to have. Mix and match several types to make a simply amazing bouquet to carry down the aisle.
 And don't forget your Groom! He, also, can have white roses for his boutineer but consider a cottage rose or teacup rose to make a bolder statement.
When considering a reception space for your special day, keep in mind that the more ornate the space, the less money you will spend on decorating that space so it will feel like the stunningly elegant reception of your dreams. Now, not everyone can have their reception at a place like this one in Paris but there are a lot of hotels which do have these grand dining spaces available. Look around and see which fits your budget and dreams.

 This table setting, using white, creams and golds, is the traditional classic wedding setting. Pure white flowers with just a hint of the green peeking out to give the arrangement texture, gold framed table numbers and gold chivari chairs are all part of the details that makes this table stunning.
 But maybe your budget doesn't allow for expensive arrangements or chivari chairs. This doesn't mean you can't have the same "feel" for your table. Using candles to add lots of light and tall vases down a long table filled with lots of "filler" flowers, you can have that same white on white elegant feel as the more expensive settings.
 If you are having an outdoor reception, hopefully in Spring or Fall when the weather is about 70 degrees and not in Summer when it's 104, then you can still get that simple elegant feel with the white and gold theme. Gold Chivari chairs are available at just about every rental company to help you dress up your space. And, yes, the rental companies even have the chandeliers pictured for rent!
 Here is something fun to have for your guest book or just on the tables...boxes of "what" "when" "where" cards with titles like "What should we name our kids" or "Where should we go to celebrate our 5th Anniversary" or "When do you think we should renew our vows"...all of these fun questions are conversation starters for your guests and can only add to your day!
 Even your favors can get the Elegant treatment. These gorgeous votives could be set at each place setting to add a bit more elegance to your table decor as well as a very nice favor for your guests to take home.
 A photo frame is a classic choice as well. It also does double duty as a place card and as a favor for your guests.
If you are having a large wedding of about 200 guests then your Caker has lots of cake to decorate! An incredible cake like this one from Pink Cake Box would make for a classic elegant centerpiece for your cake table and your wedding.
But just because your wedding doesn't have a huge guest list doesn't mean you can't have a gorgeous elegant cake! Talk to your Caker about your theme and she will be able to design you a smaller elegant cake like this one from my own Cat's Cakes. This cake feeds 50 and is decorated with a china bowl filled with sugar roses, draped with fondant swags and more sugar roses for a simply gorgeous cake!

Today was all about staying within "the box" so next week we are going WAY outside the box! Can't wait to share with you this very colorful wedding idea!


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