Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday! With lots of outdoor parties to come we thought we'd feature our favorite outdoor birthday party theme...rainbows! The great thing is that this can be used for kids or adults with just a few changes.
First start out with a fun invite FULL of color! These fun rainbow invites are print yourself type but you can easily find one of the many preprinted invitations that you can personalize for you and your party!
 You always want to make an entrance way...for a kids party what is more fun than these rainbow "snowcones"? Just paper snowcone cups, small spraypainted styrofoam balls and some glitter are all you need to make this fun garland!
For an adults party what is easier than spraypainting little terra cotta pots and putting in your favorite flowers! The rainbow fabric (just buy a remnant) is the perfect background!
 You can continue with the painted pots for your silverware and napkins! You can use plastic cups for a kids party if  you are worried about anything getting broken.
 For a kids party you want something that they will love to drink but is also not soda...for an adults party you may want to spice it up a bit with some form of alcohol...well smoothies work for both! Just use different fruits to give you different colors and let the adults splash in whatever they want to spice it up!
For an easy fun way to make a rainbow drink if you do allow soda is to use koolaid to make a rainbow assortment of icecubes then pour lemon lime soda over those to create this fun rainbow drink!
 Two fun party set ups can be used for either kids or adults! I love the use of the umbrella in the first could expand that idea over the entire backyard with different colored umbrellas strung on wires. I love the rainbow colored raindrop cake too! How fun is that!?!
For an older child or adult this rainbow of paper lanterns set up is wonderful! Still fun but definitely more grown up than the first set up. Relatively inexpensive, you can even find them at the dollar store from time to time, paper lanterns always make a wonderful presentation and a great way to expand your decoration area.
Favors! Kids and adults alike love candy for their party favors. Why not make a rainbow of color with Mike & Ikes or Skittles in your choice of packages to hand out. From little clear boxes to tall thin tubes, you can find lots of different fun ways to present this candy treat.
For a kids party, tho' I'd love it if I went to a party and they had this to do, is to set up a finger painting station! Just set up the canvas and paints and either have them bring their own art aprons or one of Dad's old shirts to keep the paint off the clothes, and let your little partiers go to town!
 Finally we are onto dessert! To make these chocolate covered Oreo's just use multi colored candy melts. Cover them completely and then let them dry on wax paper till totally dry then just peel it off and stack them up on a plate!
 Or you could make this totally adorable "balloon" bouquet using cupcakes and ribbons!
My favorite is these little Rainbow Cupcakes using candy and frosting to make the rainbow and clouds! How seriously easy is that? Love it!

Are you in love with a Classic Wedding? Check back next Monday when we will highlight some great Classic Elegant ideas for you to use on your Wedding Day!


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