Monday, June 25, 2012

 Happy Monday! This week we feature an "Out of the Box" wedding theme that, if done right, can be absolutely a show stopper unforgettable wedding for your guests. Peacock. Yup, Peacock is the theme. Bright, bold, beautiful. But you have to be SO careful that it doesn't end up looking "gaudy" instead. So here are some ideas to help you walk that fine line.

 Of course the invitation will set that mood and elegant feel for your wedding. There are many different price and decor levels to choose between so take your time and see which one works best for you. These gorgeous single level cardstock invites are from Beeyond Paper and are about 2.50 each. Perfect for a wedding on a budget.
 Move up one level to these 3 layer cardstock invites from My Personal Artist are about 5.50 per invite and add another level of elegance. If you have a smaller wedding these could still work for a moderate budget.
 The final level are for those who have a larger budget and can afford the oppulence of a handcrafted invitation such as these from Paper Olive which are 40.00 per invitation and they really are show stoppers. But not everyone has that sort of budget for their invitations so choose the ones that work for you. Of course, I'm a DIY sort of person and could make these for about 12.00 per invite but would never attempt it for more than 25 invitations since these are extremely labor intensive.
There are simple, cost effective ways to decorate your ceremony space. Using color in your ribbons along with a few stems of Peacock feathers draped on the side of each chair is an easy way to follow your theme. An entire line of these would be simple but beautiful.

 Another way to set the mood is to place a colorful program like the one pictured above on each white ceremony chair. Your guests would love this bright and colorful surprise waiting for them.
 If you are hoping to keep the feather cost down you can just use the colors of the feathers in your ceremony set up. Broad ribbons and blue and purple flowers with touches of green and  feather here or there would dress up the space without the extra expense.
Another way is to add Peacock touches with a ceremony set such as this one from Ceremony Group. Your flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, unity candle, guest book, even your garter are included for around 40.00.

 There are two ways to go with your bouquet. One is an entire bouquet of Peacock Feathers joined together with a colorful bow.
Another way is to just add a few feathers to your favorite bouquet. As you can see, they used several of the feather colors in their choice of flowers which helps the feathers fit right into the bouquet seamlessly.
Some other personal touches include the little touches like this hair ornament. If you stay simple and uncomplicated in the design of the ornament then you can fit it into an elegant wedding easily.
But if you are looking for over the top details that will only peek out when you want to show them off then consider something like these amazing shoes! You do not have to have them custom made. Simply pick out the pumps that make you happy, make sure they pick up one of the colors in the feathers and then adhere the feathers to the side of the shoe as a crowning touch. How dramatic these would be peaking out underneath your white dress as you walk down the aisle or as he removes your garter at the reception!

 Let's not forget your Groom! He can also make a splash with his boutineer. Simply pair up your wedding flower with a single short feather and you have an elegant way to fit his flowers into your theme.
 You can do the same for his guys. Just work within the color palette and you will have small splashes of color that make a big statement for your day.
 We fell in love with the idea of using a birdcage on your escort card table. Such a nice way to extend the theme and increase the dramatic level of your card table!
 There are several ways you can go with your reception table decor. This set up is light and easy. It relies upon the color of the table runner and the menu card to make your color and theme statements without getting too dark.
 If you want to add another level of color you can extend the color up into your flowers by using dark purple, blue and greens to fit the colors of the feathers into the color scheme while using the lighter blue as your table runner. This is a great way to blend both the light and dark versions of this theme idea.

 But if you are looking for dark and dramatic then a set up like the one above would be striking. Using dark two toned linens with simple centerpieces of flowers or just feathers along with the gold chivari chairs and emerald green seat pads makes for a dramatic presentation.

 Using color and themed labels for your favors can open up a world of possibilities. These are simply disposable piping bags filled with hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips and marshmallows, tied with a bright bow and then they used a themed label to tie it into the theme. Easy way to DIY and still fit your theme.
 Along that same line are these great chocolate bar labels from Personalized Favors! Just get a case of Hershey bars and cover them with your personalized labels!

 There are so many ways to approach the idea of your Wedding Cake that I have decided to highlight three very different cakes all in the same Peacock theme. A way to not take the Peacock over the top is to just use it in your topper. The rest of the cake fits in because of the color palette that they used in the ribbon between the layers and the color of the fondant and piping. A cake like this should retail around $4-$8 per slice.

 This next level of cake is from Cake Coquette. It is a beautiful example of amazing piping skills and how dramatic of a cake you can have without using a single real feather. Stunning. A cake such as this could run you anywhere from $8-$18 per slice. Hours of artwork go into a cake like this.
But nothing I found can compare to this simply amazing cake by Rosebuds Cakes. The level of artwork on this cake goes beyond imagination. Several dozen hours of work went into making this cake. There is sugar work, hand painting, airbrush painting, fondant layering and more all in one cake. For a show stopper like this you could pay up to $40 per slice for your guests or more. Breathtaking.

Whatever you choose for your wedding day should always reflect who you are as a person and as a couple. I know a few couples would love a theme this bright and bold but it's not for everyone. Hopefully these ideas got you thinking about the possibilities for your special day!

Next week we are highlighting a birthday party! See you then!


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