Sunday, December 23, 2012

 Happy Monday! Yes, many people have birthdays right around Christmas time. You can go two ways with a Holiday time party...either make the party as Un Holiday as you can or just go for it and give over to the Holiday theme! Today we are going to celebrate a party that gave itself whole-heartedly over to the Holiday theme in a big wonderful way!

 Miss Lyla was turning Two! Her Mama, Christine, is such a long time friend that they are practically family. I am "Aunt Cat" and Tory is her "cousin" and I was the first person to hold her when she was born. So, yes, we've known each other a LONG time! So I was pleased as punch when she said it was ok to feature Lyla's adorable party here on the blog! She did such a wonderful job on the party that we just knew we had to share!

 Just because you are going "Big" with a party doesn't mean you can't still have it at home. As people walked up to the front door they were greeted with this banner on the garage door! What a cute way to set the theme and the expectations of their guests!
 But nothing is as cute as the way they dressed up the walkway to the front door. These wooden penguins are just cut out with a jigsaw and then painted. They look complicated but the most complicated thing about them is the cutting out! SO adorable! Adding the mylar balloons that look like Peppermints was just brilliant! The perfect touch. 

 As I mentioned, they took the Holiday theme and ran with it..right down to a mini Christmas Tree on the welcoming table! What a great detail! Remember it's all the little details that make a great party. 
The party was held indoors to outdoors so they set up tables both inside and out for their guests. This way no one table was too crowded at the same time. If you place all of your food/drink tables in the same area it can get backed up and your guests may get a little impatient with that wait. So, if you have the option, break up the food tables to keep the lines shorter.
 Banners are easy to make and easy to dress up when you have the great idea of adding garland! Just pieces of scrapbook paper with punched circles and letters make up this banner but when you add the garland it goes from good to great!
 You don't have to be a chef or baker to have a great party. There are lots of easy toppers and wrappers for simple cupcakes that make them look as cute as these do for Lyla's party!
 Smashed peppermints on the edge of the cups takes a regular hot chocolate to a new level! Just wet the edge of the cup and dip into the crushed mints and then let them dry. Once you pour in the hot cocoa and some marshmallows you have a totally cute display!
 Ok, so the cookies are complicated. The good news is that you don't have to do them yourself! There are lots and lots of places in town and online that can do these up for you...just display on a holiday colored plate and you're done! 
 The dessert table works on many levels. Not only are there many treats to choose from including the cupcakes, cookies, cake balls and candy canes, but they are accessible from all the way around the table. This means quicker service and no lines.
I mentioned how easy it is to embellish things with the store bought cut outs...well, here is another way to do it. Make blue jello, stick in a gummy fish while it's setting up in the little plastic cups and then use just a bit of tape or glue to attach the penguin. Of course, if you are into DIY you can make the penguins but chances are you can find pics that you can use easily as well.
As I mentioned, the details make the party. From the tower of marshmallows to the chocolate dipped pretzels to the red striped paper straws and flags, this party has all the details that really pull the theme together.
Hot cocoa in the crock pot, cups right next to it along with the other trimmings makes for a really fun hot chocolate bar but notice how she took it one step farther by adding the red icicle garland and the ribbon and bows!
The outside table got the treatment too! Layering the themed table cloth over the solid one completely covers a basic picnic or folding table as well as gives a nice background to the food bar placed on top! But we love the extra details of the hanging snowflakes and the candy cane striped patio posts. What a great frame for their food table!
Themed favors are always fun but they are not always this incredibly cute! The kids loved these blow up penguins and I have to say, as an adult, I would have loved one too! This is one of the advantages of finding a theme online that has all the available add on's for the party pack. 
Miss Lyla was her own "detail" that added to the party. You won't always be able to dress up to match your theme but there are plenty of artists out there on Etsy who would love to help you try! We love the matching penguin knitted cap to go along with her personalized shirt.
And speaking of the cute this is for your kid for his or her birthday...a personalized shirt that not only matches the theme but also shows it was made just for them. After they outgrow it you can either frame it or make it into a pillow for their beds. Cute! 

Happy Birthday again Miss Lyla! We love you and think your party was just SMASHING!

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See you all next week with some great ideas for New Years Eve!


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