Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Monday! Tis the Season....for Winter Weddings! So many will get engaged over the next few weeks and begin planning their Winter or Christmas Weddings that we thought we'd feature two different types the next two weeks. This week we are focusing on a Winter Wedding. It's not often that we will feature an all white wedding palette but for a Winter Wedding it is the perfect fit! 
 A Winter Wedding doesn't have to have snowflakes as a part of the motif so we thought we'd show you a couple of options. The gorgeous invitations above from Your Invitation Place look like roses in the snow and are about $1.66 each!
 But if snowflakes are part of your motif then you will be able to run wild with them! There are so many snowflake options to choose from but we love these from and are also about $1.50 each. Lovely.
 There are many ways to dress up your entrance spaces. If you are having your wedding inside a grand home or hotel with a stairway that would be perfect for your grand entrance then you will want to dress it up and make it totally gorgeous.
 Garland, roses, lanterns with candles inside and ribbons make this staircase simply stunning! What a perfect frame for you and your escort as you make your way to the aisle. 
 There are lots of places this time of year to get free or low cost greenery. In fact, you could deconstruct a Christmas tree and have all the greenery you would need for your ceremony and reception space! How's that for cost cutting! Tie with gorgeous ribbon and you have dressed up your aisle for pennies. 

 But if your budget allows why not make your aisle look like driven snow with white rose petals placed just so...what an impact that would make! Remember to tie off the head of the aisle and have your wedding party enter from the sides of the ceremony space so that this very special walk is saved for you and your escort only. 
Are you a DIY master? Then this craft is right up your alley and would be gorgeous hanging at the alter. Just get a wooden letter from your craft store, paint it white, cover with different sizes of pearls and tie up with a gorgeous ribbon. Yes, it's really that easy.
 And speaking of easy DIY. You don't have to spend a fortune to have gorgeous heels for your wedding day. Buy your shoes and then take them with you to match the ribbon. Tie a pretty bow and glue that to the shoe and top that with a gorgeous button or jewelry finding to add that little bit of bling to your shoes!

You all know I'm not a huge fan of the white rose bouquet but this one adds in some bling and white feathers that give it a lot more texture and make it a whole lot more interesting than just a plain white rose bouquet.
And let's not forget the Groom. How charming it would be to have this antique key boutonniere on his lapel...a key that matches an antique lock hanging from her bouquet!
Programs can be quite boring but we just loved these! Paper bags filled with white rose petals that have all of the program information on the front and back. How much fun is that!

Now onto the reception. You can make a gorgeous splash with this DIY wreath made exactly like the letter at the altar. Use a white foam base and glue the pearls all over it and hang with a wide white ribbon. Simply beautiful.
You can use those precut wooden letters for this project too. Now here is how easy it is. Glue the letters to a white painters canvas. Let them dry solidly and then spray paint the whole thing white. Yup, DONE! 

 And speaking of easy...just some tulle and white ornaments in silver vases are used for these centerpieces. If you deal with allergies or just don't have the budget for a lot of flowers these would be gorgeous for your tables.

 But if you have a grand budget wouldn't it be wonderful to hang incredible chandeliers over your tables! Now here is can rent them! YUP! Rent them! You can have a lighting company hang the electrical strip that will allow them to light them up for this stunning display.
 Ok, so maybe you don't have 15K for a grand lighting display but that doesn't mean you can't make a huge impact. This is the one and ONLY time I will recommend balloons for your space. Of course we are not talking about a dozen here or there, we are talking about a thousand clear and white balloons on the ceiling. Amazing. People will be in awe. With helium tank rental, clips and the balloons you will spend about 1K but you will also have a huge impact at your wedding.

But it's not all in the big impact. All of the little details are what makes a wedding stunning. These beautiful little snowflake place card holders will add a little bling as well as a lot of texture to your place settings.

 And speaking of an easy way to add texture to your place settings! Fill these little boxes up with candies like little silver Hershey kisses or a great smelling votive candle and place them in the center of each plate. Easy, beautiful and elegant.
You could also put these snowflake ornaments into those snowflake boxes or just one of these in it's chiffon pouch would be lovely too. The box and the ornament together would cost about $2.50 each so why not spring for both?

Lastly there is cake...or, in this case, Cupcakes! But not just any cupcakes...really gorgeous handpiped fondant covered cupcakes. The decor on these stunners takes them right from kids birthday party right up to supreme elegance. Instead of cutting into a cake you can cut one of these in half and feed the pieces to your new spouse. Easy, elegant and simply stunning. 

Next week we will feature a red and green Christmas Wedding that will knock any ideas of little kids and Santa right out of your mind and replace them with ideas of warm, welcoming classic Holiday Charm!

See you then!

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