Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday! Today we bring you a very colorful wedding! So many times "elegant" or "beautiful" for a wedding means just using white or creams in the color palette. But what about those Brides who love color? You can have a very beautiful wedding using color and today's palette includes just about any color you'd like to use!

One of the fun parts of opening your color choices up is that you can use any type of invitation you choose including these fun photo invites from which start off at just about $1.60 each! We love the colorful back as well as the patches of printed color on the front!

Looking for a bit more elegant? These lovely floral watercolor invitations are just $1.90 at and would create a very elegant start for your wedding plan.
Now onto the ceremony space. You all know how much I love Mason is another really easy but colorful way to dress up your aisle. Wrap the lip of the jar with heavy wire and then create a loop for hanging. Now cover the lip with wide ribbon and fill about a third of the way up with water. Hang these on the chairs facing the aisle and then tuck in the little bouquets of colorful flowers.
Or, if your budget allows a bigger statement then you can create this stunning aisle "runner" of flower petals. Make sure to tie off the head of the aisle so no one will walk on it until you arrive for your big entrance. Have your attendants walk around the outside of the chairs to the altar and leave this gorgeous walk for just you and your escort.
And who says you have to carry white roses in your bouquet?! You can, literally, have any flower you want with this color palette! Roses? Sunflowers? Peony? Strawflower? Aster? SURE! Have them ALL! 
And your flower girl can join in on that act with her hair decoration! If you put your girls in a solid colored dress make sure to dress up their hair or waistlines with a bit of color. These little ribbon headbands would be SO cute on your flower girl as she makes her way down the aisle.
And don't forget your 'Maids. You can dress them in solid colored dresses and then give them a handful of colorful flowers to hold. If you go with floral dresses make sure their flowers are of one color so that they stand out from the dress and enhance the girl.
Just because you are carrying various colored flowers doesn't mean each display of flowers needs to be multi-colored. You can spotlight one or two colors of flowers here or there and still get your colorful effect.
Making a "Wedding Tree" is a new and popular trend this year. Draw out a simple multi-branched tree on your computer along with your names and wedding date and then print it out onto water color paper. Then have your guests "sign in" by using chalk in bright colors to add "leaves" to your wedding tree. (make sure to provide some sort of wet wipe so they can clean their fingers off after signing in.)

With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter we also add the new popularity of Instagram. Chances are good that you will have someone beat you to the honor of posting your first wedding photos online. You can either ban this with about a 95% success rate, give them a special place to post the photos, or make something like this chalkboard asking guests to "tag" the newly married couple in any photos they post! It's a great way to make sure you get to see all the photos your guests are taking!
There are many ways you can go with such a varied color palette and we have chosen two to share with you. There is the Garden Party theme which feels light and airy and is just gorgeous. Using long tables with a simple runner and lots of little vases of multi-colored flowers is an easy way to set this mood. Perfect for a daytime wedding on a gorgeous Spring afternoon.
But if you are having an evening wedding or the day is just too cold for an outside reception you can still use this idea inside. This couple added beautiful candle holders and chargers to their table setting and then used color uplighting to help set the mood. Very colorful and very elegant!
You can even add color for the cocktail hour by tying colorful ribbons around personal sized bottles of champagne. Tie on a colorful straw and you have a drink everyone will be smiling about!
Submerged florals is a favorite of mine. Even if you don't use them on your guest tables you can decorate the food table, sign in table and cake table with these centerpieces. Just use colorful marbles in the bottom, submerge one or two different colored blooms and top with a floating candle. Gorgeous!
Serving a Signature Cocktail for your cocktail hour? How about garnishing them with these colorful frozen fruit skewers?! Set out a selection of these for your guests and let them pick which one they would in their drink!
Yes, even your food can continue the colorful theme. These starter salads are just mini bread bowls filled with a dip and different cold veggies to dip!
Fun for the kids, or a midnight snack for everyone, these M&M filled cookies with milk in champagne glasses would be such a great grown up version of a little kid treat for everyone.
You can even add your colors to these little thank you envelopes for your vendors. Print them out on white paper and back those with a couple more sheets of colored card stock. Slip that into a colorful envelope and have your Best Man, Maid of Honor or even your Mom hand these out to the vendors.
Your favors can be equally as easy. Print your monogram with your names and wedding date underneath in bright colors on cardstock, punch those out with a square punch and then punch holes for the ribbon. Thread in the ribbon and attach at the back of the holder with hot glue or double stick tape. Set one at each place setting. Beautiful.

For a bit more fun you can fill clear boxes with multi-colored jelly beans and then just stick on your labels to seal the case. These you can buy at for about 50 cents each! 
We love this photo of the Bride and Groom because of the use of color in the balloons. But don't be fooled. These are NOT the birthday balloons you would find at a kids party. These balloons are the giant balloons for weddings that are about 3 times the size of the standard balloon. If you are going to try to recreate this shot make sure you use about 2 dozen of these balloons. Stunning!
And, of course, there is cake. I found this fun creation online but have no idea who the Caker is who created it. If this somehow gets back to that Caker please let me know it was you and I will add photo credit for you! I simply love the way color is used without overwhelming the cake. The secret is to use more white than color so that the color POPS out. Lovely!

With Christmas on the way we will be spotlighting Christmas Weddings the next two weeks. We know that a whole lot more lucky ladies will become engaged over the next few weeks and will begin planning their weddings for next Winter so we want to help kick start the planning with two gorgeous party plans!

See you next Monday!

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