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 This week we have a Guest Blogger! We hope you get a lot of good tips on How to Plan a Baby Shower!
 How to Plan the Greatest Baby Shower for Your Guest of Honor
Planning a baby shower can be almost as much fun as expecting the little bundle of joy yourself. If you’re planning a shower for your sister, long-time best friend, coworker, or any other expecting person in your life, there are a ton of options available to make your shower unique and amazing. All hostesses want to give the mom-to-be a memorable experience while ensuring their guests have a great time. These baby shower ideas can help you accomplish that while making your job much easier.
 Choosing a Date
Since most baby showers are not surprise parties, working with the mom-to-be on a date for the shower is a good idea. Some parents prefer to wait until after the birth of the baby to stock the nursery. Others prefer their babies to be the guest of honor at their own shower. However, traditionally baby showers are thrown around two months before the due date. Talk with your guest of honor and decide on a date for the big day.

Make sure to get the invitations out at least 3 weeks prior to the baby shower. Your guest of honor can help you with the guest list and addresses. You will also need to decide if children or men will be allowed. Traditionally, a baby shower is a women-exclusive event. However, some moms welcome other children and even the father of the baby to attend.

A themed baby shower isn’t necessary. The decision is entirely up to you. However, if you do choose a theme, make sure your theme is appropriate. Flowers are an excellent baby shower theme idea. Polka dots, ABC’s, Disney, Noah’s Ark, or a country theme are all great choices. The idea is to know the mom. Theme the shower around her tastes and it’s sure to be a success. It isn’t necessary to go overboard on the decorations. The center of attention will be the mom-to-be.

Depending on your shower's level of formality, your menu options will vary. Do you want to have an elegant, sit-down brunch? Or would a pot-luck or finger foods do the job? While most eating will be done while socializing and showering praise on the mommy, easy to handle, finger foods are often the best choice. Cheeses, salads, fruits, sandwiches, and veggie tarts are all good ideas. Keep it simple. You don’t need to prepare a feast, just enough to satisfy the hunger of your guests and entertain.

Easily the most fun part of the event, games are always a huge hit at baby showers. There are literally hundreds of baby shower game ideas. Try having your guests guess how many toilet paper sheets it will take to wrap around the mommy’s belly. Have all your guests put a paper plate on their head and attempt to draw a baby on it. The finished products are sure to get a ton of laughs. You can even have each baby shower guest put a slip of paper in a bowl with their favorite baby names. If the parents have yet to decide on a name, they can consider these later.

A baby shower is something that moms will always remember when looking back on their pregnancies. Everyone loves to get together and celebrate the birth of their loved one’s babies. By planning a personalized, fun baby shower for your guest of honor, you will not only give her the baby shower of her dreams, but you’re sure to have a blast celebrating with her as well.

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