Monday, August 27, 2012

 Happy Sunday! This past week brought a special 3 year old her dream birthday party. This party is proof that even if you don't have much money you can have a great party! First we start off with the invitations...
These Etsy made Beauty and the Beast Invitations are "print your own". Basically the designer on Etsy formats the inviation for you and then you print it out yourself on photo paper, pop into an envelope and mail. Easy as that.
 Michaels Craft Stores have all sorts of crystals that already have glue on them. This set came as you see on the box. I just bought an extra set for the flatware and then just stuck them on. The box is a plain white box embellished with the crystals and a Belle scrapbooking sticker.
You can see how two or three of these crystals helped "bling" out the flatware. All the little, and big, girls loved this touch! One of them pointed out the "Mickey Ears" that had accidentally been added to a fork.

We served Hot Dogs and chips, had a veggie platter as well as a fruit platter and offered juice, soda or ice cold water to drink. Perfect for this low key party. We even had one of the figurines play "napkin weight" for those napkins near the lunch food.
But we were there for the little girls so of course there were Princess goody bags. We had discussed having a pinata for the kids to break open but since most of the kids were under the age of 4 we figured just putting the pinata candy into the goody bags was a better idea.
 We held the party in a park where there was already a little water play area. We even added this info on the invites so that the parents would know to bring swim wear for their little ones. It was a big hit!
The Cake Table. Most of the budget went into the food, especially this cake from Cat's Cakes. It fit right into the decor of blinged out flatware, Princess plates, pink and yellow napkins, tablecloths and, of course, lots of Princess themed gifts for the Birthday Girl.
This cake serves 35 and was a big hit with the Birthday Girl. She pulled people over to "her" table several times to see her cake...even if they had seen it before! LOL! The figurines are all part of a play set that the Birthday Girl got to keep after the party. She was thrilled.

Next week will feature a very cute baby shower that we were able to attend this past weekend!

See you then!

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