Monday, August 6, 2012

 Happy Monday! For some girls only Pink will do when it comes to their weddings. While most guys feel that the wedding is their girl's day and she can do what she wants, most draw the line when it comes to pink. It is one of those colors that can become "too much" very quickly. But there are ways to have a "Pink Wedding" and still have it look Classic and Elegant and not like a whole bunch of Pink Faeries had their way with your Day. 
 We begin with these lovely Pink Orchid invitations from Just a touch of pink to set the mood while keeping it simple and elegant.
 But if you are "The" Pink Girl and your Groom has let you go wild with your color style then why not really make an impression with your invitation?! These are also from and would definitely make a statement!
 There are several directions you can go with the dresses, including your own! Yup, they make pink wedding gowns too! Your Bridesmaids might not be Pink Girls so you may want to consider going with a light pink dress like the one pictured above.
 Or if your girls are ok with pink then why not something that makes a bit more impact and go with a medium shade of pink? I love how they chose a style that mimicked the Brides dress for this wedding!
 But if you are a Pink Girl who wants to really make a huge statement then go with a dark "here we come" pink Bridesmaids dress. Just make sure your girls are on board with this selection because it is a whole bunch of pink to pull off. As you can tell, by the three styles pictured, the darker the dress, the more the white of the wedding dress stands out! What a beautiful frame for you!
 Flowers for the Bride are fairly easy but why not give your girls all white bouquets while you get to show off something like this gorgeous Shades of Pink bouquet? This would be stunning against your white gown!
 As with the dresses, there are many ways you can go with your Ceremony Space. From the draped chiffon to the chair back ties to the dark pink runner covered in pink and yellow rose petals, this is a Pink Girl's dream.
 But if you don't have that sort of freedom in your wedding space, and many churches don't allow a lot of decoration, then consider just decorating the aisle. Even just the head of the aisle as pictured above. I love how they worked from light to dark with the rose petals to make the head of the aisle truly special.
Chair backs don't have to be expensive or hard to decorate. These are just simple chiffon panels that are tied into a square knot where they meet at the back of the chair. Each one would take just seconds to do and, if you need it to be even more budget conscious, you could use tulle and each chair would only cost a few dimes each to decorate! 
 Carnations are also an inexpensive way to decorate for your wedding day. These are carnation tops that have been tucked into an oasis tray to give a very full presentation and then the escort cards are just set on top. Gorgeous!
 Just because you don't have a lot of guests doesn't mean it can't be gorgeous and elegant. Consider using floral fabric to drape each table for an outdoor Garden theme. Use your setting to help with the decorating and then work that into your Pink Theme.
 Indoors you can do like Martha Stewart did and go with shades of pink for your tables. From the flowers to the napkins to the tablecloths themselves you can work on adding your Pink everywhere.
 If you don't have thousands to spend on flowers then consider making your splash with a white set up and a few of these bud vases lined up down each table. Very easy to DIY, this arrangement can save you lots of dollars you can use elsewhere in your Day.
 Remember to use your favors to add that splash of color as well! One of these pretty pink boxes from, filled with candy or a candle, and then placed in the center of the plate or at the head of each place setting would be perfect.
 Or make a bigger splash with these rose pomander candles, also from, in their transparent boxes set out as a wonderful Thank you to your guests.
 Finally there is cake. This lovely arrangement from is a lovely way to have your touch of pink without going over the top. A sweet little cutting cake on top and easy to eat cupcakes below. Perfect for a small wedding.
But if making a statement is what you want to do then something like this incredible cake from would be the ticket! This is NOT a budget cake but is a wonderful over the top centerpiece for your wedding! Don't have 300 people to feed but still want the splash? Then have your caker make the bottom two or even three tiers "dummy" tiers. They are covered the exact same way as the "real" cake tiers so you won't save much money, but you also won't have a whole bunch of cake left over either and still have your amazing cake for your Wedding Day!

I know that, for some, this Pink Wedding is just Pink Overload. But for you Pink Girls out there, I hope you got some really wonderful ideas for your day!

See you next week with a Bridal Shower I've been dying to share with you all!



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