Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday! This week we tackle Birthday Parties! I know a LOT of little girls turning 1 this year and so I thought, why not use one of my favorite, and very popular, themes to show how you could put together THE most adorable party for your little girl. PARIS! Then I gave it another moments thought and figured out that your older girl, or hey, even YOU, would love to have this party theme too! So this sent me researching to all the corners of the web, including Pinterest of course, to see what I could find...and did I find a LOT of really cute stuff to share with you all this week.

First up, of course, are the Invitations! Invite everyone to come join you in "Paris" for the afternoon with these totally great "Passport Invitations" I found on Etsy! The outside says "Passport to Paris" and then inside....

Looks like a Passport, including a photo of the Birthday Girl! So absolutely cute. Wouldn't you LOVE to get one of these in the mail? Imagine how much your guests would love to be invited in this way!
No onto the set up. I'm including four different ideas for four different reasons. They are all Pink and Black to match the theme and each shares qualities with the others but there is one thing that stands out on each one that I wanted to share. The first one, pictured above, shows how you can really dress up your food and cake tables just by remembering to dress up the wall behind them! As simple as buying a couple of yards of fabric and tacking them to the wall, this idea really makes a wonderful backdrop for your food and desserts!

 As you saw in the first set up, the second set up uses a banner on the wall to help dress up your backdrop as well. This is a great way to say Happy Birthday or just put the Birthday Girl's name up for all to see. On this table, their dessert table, they included a copy of the invite and the favors as well. Making it easy for your guests to enjoy the theme while reminding them to take home a goodie!
 If you are having a sit down party what a great way to dress up your table than with these patterns. And how easy! You can buy printed napkins even in the grocery store these days and the placemats can just be 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper! Easy! For this table they used patterned plates but simple white plates would work just as well.
Now, if you really want to dress up your space consider using tulle on the tables. Tulle costs almost nothing and you can easily punch up your tables by using several layers of it. Consider alternating pink and white tulle for a multi layered effect. Notice how they used draped tulle for the entrance way as well!
And not onto the food. These adorable little pink cookies with "Hugs" in them are so easy to do. It's just a sugar cookie dough that you can add pink gel color to, sprinkled with pink sanding sugar right after baking and then chocolate "hug" placed right in the center while still hot. Yummy AND cute!

Cupcakes and cookies make for a wonderful addition to any dessert table, notice the incredible cake in the background too, but flat plates don't do them justice. Think about using this idea of stacking cake stands to make a bigger, more elegant impression.

More for a kids party than for an adult, these cute little bottles of strawberry milk are easily dressed up with some scrapbook paper strips and heart stickers as well was red and white striped paper straws. Put a tiny Eiffel Tower sticker in the middle of the heart and suddenly they "say" I love Paris! How cute to serve to the kids with their dessert course!

A bit more adult are the drink glasses with the Happy Birthday stickers on them. Yup, stickers. You can buy them at your scrapbooking store and just peel and stick them to the clear tumblers you get at the grocery or party supply store. Notice how the paper straws add just a little bit more, even to empty glasses!

A great way to serve a refreshment as well as giving your guests an extra favor is to put on some personalized water bottle labels. These are a favorite of mine because they also used a bit of "bling" on the bottles which fits in perfectly with our theme! Also available in scrapbook stores or craft stores, these gems are just peel and stick. How easy is that?
And speaking of favors! These incredible Eiffel Tower cookies would make a simply wonderful little gift for your guests to take home from your Parisian Party! These are from Sweetopia and worth every penny! Amazing cookies!

Lastly, we adore these little Eiffel Tower keychains that we found on for your guests. For years after your party your guests will be able to look at their keychains and remember what a great party it was and what a great time they had with you.

I don't even have a little girl turning one, or 7 and I suddenly want to have a Let's Go to Paris Party!! Hope this weeks post gave you a few ideas for a great party for your little, or big, girls upcoming birthday!


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