Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday! Is the time change effecting you guys too? Of course it could have been the full day I spent with my family in the gardens of Filoli , , yesterday walking all over the place and overdosing on pollen! LOL! This was all because I knew I had a GREAT blog already in store for all of you.

A winery would be our choice if we were ever to do the "getting married" thing again. To us they are SO romantic and, well, they have wine! Ok, ok, back to the romantic. The winery pictured above is one of my favorites. The Cask Room at Merryvale Vineyards in Napa, , is one of the most beautiful venues for a small wedding reception that we have found. 
But maybe you were thinking more of an outdoor reception? Most vineyards have areas, like the one pictured above, where you can set up for your dinner and still have that romantic look. This clean and classic look with the gold chiavari chairs and the chandelier really lets the beauty of the vineyard shine through and act as the majority of your decor.
As always, your event begins with your invitations. These gorgeous brocade invites come from an Australian company called StyleCo. But even if you are not in that country you can find some really beautiful examples of brocade at almost any vendor. We picked the red accent here but almost any color would look gorgeous up against the black and white. And if you don't like the black and white, brocade comes in many other color combinations like brown and white, pink and white and cream and white.
One of the first stations you come to when you arrive at a reception is the Seating Card table. Here is a unique idea that works the winery theme into the decor as well as makes for an elegant way to get the information to your guests. Wondering where you could get all of those corks??? Well, other than drinking a lot of wine before your wedding? You can buy them, in bulk, at Lets Do Wine, , and put this craft together in about an hour!
If you are thinking about your tables now and how your guests will know which table to find after they get their number here is a very elegant way to mark your tables! These are actually available at Michael's Craft Stores! Yup, so elegant and affordable!
If you are looking for something more unusual, and more inside the theme of the winery, how about these Wine Bottle Table Numbers? You can buy the bottle labels and print them out at home. Make the winery happy by putting the number on the backside of one of their bottles and you make lots of people happy!
Another way to show off your numbers is by using more of those leftover wine corks! Glue together the bottoms of the corks and tie them together with a bit of twine or your coordinating ribbon and then slide the printed number in between. So easy, so elegant!
Now, onto the place settings. Square plates have become very popular for those who want a less traditional look to their tablescapes. By using black linens and then layering the white plates, black napkins, black and white menu cards and the favors, you get a very sophisticated and elegant look to your tables with very little work involved.

And, speaking of favors, these wineglass candles or adorable wine stoppers would make for a very nice take home gifts for your guests. However, many wineries have their own favor sets so don't forget to ask and see what they have to offer your guests!
Like these wonderful wine bottles with your own personalized labels! Any winery would be pleased for you to buy a few cases from them so you can put on your own labels and have your guests take home a bit of the winery with them!
On to the lighting. Especially if you have a grand staircase like this one, using wine bottles, that have had the bottoms cut off, for candle domes is gorgeous and elegant! Use them to light your aisle, your pathways, your tables. 
If you have a larger budget then you can get even more into your lighting and floral schemes and perhaps put together something like the arrangement pictured above. Using silver candlesticks to hold your tall flower arrangements, adding in drops of crystals to catch the light and then different levels of wine glasses as candle holders you can get a lot of reflected light for your tables.
Are you looking for something more clean looking, less cluttered? How about using different sizes of cylinder vases to hold branches or grapevines and floating candles? A very elegant way to spread light down your tables.
Of course we have to cover the cake! With the advent of "icing sheets", it's even more affordable to have brocade for your wedding. The traditional way of adding brocade to a cake, like this one here, is to stencil it on with royal icing which is labor intensive. Icing sheets go on easily and they are inexpensive so many more bakeries will be able to offer it at affordable rates. Gorgeous!
Just a quick word about your actual Wedding Ceremony. There are many ways you can fit the winery theme into your day including your ceremony. Even if your ceremony is held in a Church, you could hang letters made from wine corks on the doors or on the back of the first set of pews going into the Church to set your theme.
If you look around at stores like Michael's and even many bridal shops, you can find more coordinating pieces such as this ring pillow which echos the Black and White brocade theme.
And, finally, your bouquet can also echo that theme. Wrapped in lovely brocade fabric and then ringed with grosgrain ribbon and crystal buttons, this bouquet would make any girl smile. And don't forget your guy! Lots of ideas for his boutonniere including this smaller version of your bouquet!

We hope you have found some ideas for your own event, even if it's only an Anniversary party, and have enjoyed your little "party" experience this week on the Blog!

See you next Monday!


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