Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday! I hope your St. Patrick's Day was great, that you were able to celebrate either out on the town or around the family dinner table. As with every year, the day after brings up conversations about Easter. So we figured that this week we would give you some ideas that might make your Easter Day a little more colorful and fun.

The first thing people see when they come to your door is your doormat. What a fun touch to set this one out each Spring? Just start out with a wooden or rubber mat and paint the slats. Instant color pop!
And while we are still at the door, how about a new wreath for the family and for Easter? This one is ever so easy to do. Just take strips of tulle and tie them around a round styrofoam ring, add your family initial and some glittered plastic eggs and you have an all weather wreath to brighten up your front door!
Now to the entryway. Do you have a table there to catch your keys? A simple globe vase with a pillar candle, either colored like this one or a more versatile white one, with little plastic egg beads or jelly beans for Easter (or candy corn for Halloween, or candy cane beads or pine greens for Christmas) will brighten up your hallway as your guests enter your home.
Pictured above is my favorite banner of the season. Made with paint chips you can get from your local hardware store, this is an almost free craft project that the kids can help with to add an extra decoration to your home.
My second choice is this pop-out egg banner. Just cut out two of each egg, fold one of the pair down the middle and apply glue there and then place it on top of the flat egg. Glue those to your banner! Easy and SO cute!
And speaking of the kids...or maybe just adults like me who still like to play with about using Kool-Aid for some really bright dyed eggs this year? Lemon-aid doesn't do much and grape turns them sort of brown so skip those colors but the others turn out some really gorgeous shades. You don't even need vinegar!
Now onto your table. Juice pitchers, whether clear or decorated like the one above, make for gorgeous vases for your Spring flowers. What an easy and gorgeous centerpiece for your table.
And these little flowerpots, filled with more Spring flowers and then trimmed with glued on grass, would be SO cute at each place setting.
I just recently acquired egg cups and am looking forward to using them this Easter in just this way. Mini cupcake liners tucked into the center and filled with candy would be an adorable detail for your table. 
If you are looking for a craft for the kids here is a simple one. Just graham crackers, royal icing, Easter grass and Peeps are needed to make this sweet little birdhouse! Make one for each person at the table or just one really big one filled with a family of Peeps to decorate your buffet table. 
If you are making up Easter Baskets for the little ones you may consider making these adorable "carrots" for them too. Fill up disposable piping bags, found in the baking section at your local Craft store, with gold fish, orange M&M's, even jelly beans. The kids will love them!
And, of course, we finish off with the cake. Maybe you don't have enough family and friends coming to serve a 3 tier cake but you can still use some of these ideas for your own family cake. Like using cookie cutters to make multi-colored eggs to go on the sides, or Cadbury Chocolate Eggs for the trim. Quick and easy ways to add a little color for your dessert.

Hope we were able to give you some great ideas for your Easter, maybe new ones you had not considered before. We are always on the lookout for new ideas so if you come across some you'd like to share please let us know on our Facebook page!

See you next week!


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