Monday, February 11, 2013

 Happy Monday! Welcome to the week of Valentine's Day! Lots of engagements will be happening this Thursday and lots of wedding plans will begin. Some for a Valentine's Day wedding for next year, since it's on a Friday, but many more for next Spring. So today we present a Spring Wedding Party Plan!
 Spring is about pastels to many. This color palette of muted shades always seems to have a real elegance about it so it's very very popular for weddings! This doesn't mean you have to go "Victorian" with everything.  I wouldn't call it "vintage" I would call it "soft" and "feminine". If you have a guy who doesn't mind a more girly styled wedding then this may be the style for you. (Don't worry, a more colorful version for him in a few weeks!)
 This means you can play with that pastel color palette a bit. We love the way the light pink, dark pink and green all play together on this very playful invitation from Zazzle!
 One of the beautiful trends from this past year is using vintage jewelry to dress up your bouquet. You can either borrow heirloom pieces or find some great costume jewelry to dress up your Bridal Bouquet for your wedding day.
 Heirloom jewelry can be one of the most special "something borrowed" items for your day. Thanks to Twilight there is a new popularity for that something borrowed to be for your hair, specifically for your veil. A comb like this one at the back of your veil would be a lovely touch to the back of your dress that day. And since so many stare at the back of your dress while you and your fiance are taking your vows, it's always a great idea to make sure the back is as pretty as the front.
 Your Bridesmaids bouquets can carry over this feeling as well. The muted tones of the pastel palette make for very pretty mixed bouquets. You can use any type of flower that fits the color scheme and, thus, may fit your budget a bit more comfortably as well!
 This wonderful palette also opens up the option of different colored dresses for each girl. Since we don't all have the same hair color or skin color this will make it easier for a girl who looks awful in peach or too pale in creme to still be in the wedding. And with all of the wonderful colors in your Bridesmaids dresses you will add one more little detail to your overall wedding look.
 And they don't have to be the only colorful detail you tuck into your wedding plan! You can buy this little stick on's at your Bridal store (or craft store) and add them to your shoes for the big cute! A very nice "something blue".
 Spring is when a lot of people start thinking about having their weddings outside. Whether indoors or outdoors you can still dress it up to have that "look". By using branches, brown chairs, and lots of pale flowers you can bring the outside in or just give the outside a more gorgeous look!
 To dress up each chair would be very expensive but that doesn't mean you can't dress up the Bride and Groom chairs! We love how they draped the chair simply and then tied with the different colors of ruffles. A subtle but beautiful look.
 Keep the romance going with your tables. The best part of this whole plan is the fact that you can do very simple centerpieces and it will look romantic, beautiful, and elegant. With beautiful china and stemware all you need is a crystal vase filled with "frilly" flowers, the ones usually used for fillers in rose bouquets, to overflow the vase and you have sheer romance!

Having your wedding right after a holiday is a great way to take advantage of the sales. Your favors are a great example of this! This time of year heart shaped chocolates are everywhere...and the day after Valentine's Day they all go 50-75% off! What a great way to save a bit of your budget and still give a beautiful take-away for your guests. Martha Stewart has a wonderful line of favor boxes. Choose just one color or mix up your pastels and set one of these gorgeous little gifts on each plate. Your guests will be charmed.

 If you, or someone you know, has some vintage furniture you can fit them into the decor easily by tucking flowers here or there. A chest of drawers, a desk, even a vintage bookcase would work for this look. The perfect place for the cake!
And speaking of cake! One like this sugar rose trimmed Wedding Cake from Cat's Cakes would be the perfect delicate centerpiece for your wedding. Topped with Lenox china filled with more sugar roses this pale pink ribbon trimmed confection would melt the heart of every woman in the room.

Next week we will be featuring a new type of party that is becoming very popular lately! Hope to see you there! In the meantime get some last minute Valentine's Day tips over at our Facebook Fan Site including our Northern California Cake Sale! 30% off any cake needed for an event between June 1st and November 1st for the month of February! (also, 10% more off  a second cake booked and 20% off a third! Yup, total of 50% off that 3rd cake! So book now to save a pile of cash!)

See you next Monday!


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