Monday, February 13, 2012

 Happy Monday! Today we explore the colors of Red and Black. No, not for a wedding, though that would be quite dramatic! This is for a kids birthday party. When I think of those colors my mind goes straight to Lady Bugs!
 First we would start out looking for invitations like these from Lollipop Prints! Remember that your invitation is the first part of your theme that your guests see so make sure it says everything you want it to say when they open the envelope. These adorable invites not only tell who, what, when, where and why and that the theme is Lady Bugs but also that it will be zoomin' and fun!
 Next we move onto the decor. We start out with the place settings first because this is what will not only add to your theme but this is what your guests will be holding in their hands or sitting in front of all day. You don't have to go with a fully coordinating theme like this wonderful set from Birthday in a Box, but could just use the patterned dessert plates or napkins with solid colored red and black pieces to spotlight the Lady Bugs!
 Paper Lanterns are all the rage right now and, I can attest, are very versatile for decorating the space and making it seem extra special. Anytime you can decorate above eye level its a good thing. It completes a visual circle and makes it seem like you really went all out with your theme. These red lanterns from Luna Bazaar were just decorated with some black tissue paper circles. How Cute!
 Next we move onto the food. It doesn't always need to be something that matches the theme but if you take the time to look online you can usually find something that will fit. These adorable little snacks made from crackers, creme cheese, tomatoes and olives were found on Taste Of Home's website! 
 If you can't find food that coordinates you can, usually, find food "picks" that will fit in. These Lady Bug picks come from Birthday Express and are incredibly adorable and would add so much to your food table at a very low cost.
 Obviously there are dozens of ways you can continue your theme with your dessert. We have found, for kids parties, that cupcakes are a really nice way to go. You may want to go with something like these cuties from Hello Naomi! Or you can have a "family cake" a "smash cake" and cupcakes for your guests too. The "family cake" is big enough to feed the adults. The "smash cake" is just for the birthday girl or boy and can be just a special cupcake decorated just for them, and then you have the cupcakes for all the kids attending the party. The fun part of this idea is that you get to really extend your theme in different ways with the decorations on all the different styles of dessert!
 Whether you want something for the kids to do during the party or just want something Lady Bug themed in their Goodie Bags, these bubble bottles would be a fun way to extend your theme and the kids would love them. These were found at Oriental Trading and are only $7 for 24!
Lastly, you want to leave a lasting impression of your theme when they leave the party and go home again. These Lady Bug Goodie Bags are an easy DIY project that will go far in extending your theme. Just some red lunch bags, some black cardstock and googly eyes glued on is all you need for a very cute Goodie Bag that turns into a Hand Puppet when they get home!

How's that for a very cute way to present the colors of Red and Black?! We will explore Valentine's Day next week with a whole bunch of crafts and decorating ideas for you to use for your next party, Anniversary dinner, and even for your next Valentine's Day!


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