Monday, February 6, 2012

 Happy Monday! This week we continue our Party Planning Color Palette Series with the colors of Yellow, Red and Orange. This can be used for Fall or Spring parties depending on if you add leaves or flowers or both! Today's party was an Anniversary Party but it would work for a wedding or a birthday.
 If you have room to make one table for a Guest Book and Favors then go for it but if you have a limited space you may want to make room for your favors on your Cake Table. They add decoration as well as continuing your color palette. These favors had an added layer of color. Inside were the same colors of  tissue paper with the same colors of M&M's as the treat! The boxes were just plain white favor boxes that I dressed up with the different colors of ribbon after filling them with the tissue paper and treats! After stacking them on the Cake Table I added the flower as a crowing touch or a "topper" for this Favor Tower.
 Due to allergies we went with silk flowers rather than fresh flowers but you could use fresh flowers easily to get the same effect. The "vases" are simply bottles where I took white paint and swirled it around inside to coat the bottle, instantly making them into "milk glass" vases. At the end of the party all of these flowers were gathered, tied into a bouquet and given to the "Bride" as a souvenir of the day.
 At the end of the yellow ribbons, on each side, we placed little cards that had poems about love and flowers. These added to the decor but they also helped to hold down the tablecloth as well as give guests something to read while waiting in the food line all the way around the table.
 Here is a close up of one of the 13 cards. This party was for their 13th Wedding Anniversary so 13 cards continued that theme.
 It's easy to keep in the same color palette when you stick to pastels but a bit harder when it is a bright color palette. Fortunately the couple wanted non-alcoholic choices for the families attending the event so we went with Orange Soda and Lemonaid.
 We then floated lemon and orange slices we had trimmed in to "flowers" (just use your zesting tool to score lines down the side of the fruit before slicing and you will get the same scalloped edges) and put half of a maraschino cherry in the center of each.
 Also on the Drink Table we added the personalized water bottles for all of the guests. These not only provided refreshment at the party but were a popular favor that many of the guests took home with them.
 To add a little more color and continue the floral theme we made tissue paper flowers. Now, I had not made these since High School so it was fun to actually make these again. And they fit into the party space perfectly, dressing up the window and giving a nice background to the Food Table.
And, finally, the cake. The top tier was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling and the bottom tier was lemon chiffon with lemoncurd buttercream filling. Covered with vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant flowers and the couples Monogram Initial, it was an instant hit with all those attending. We finished off the table with napkins and flatware in the same color palette as well as using silk flower petals under tulle to dress up the space just a little bit more.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks palette! If you have a color you would like us to feature please do leave a comment!


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