Monday, July 22, 2013

 Happy Monday! Today we are going to talk about the "little" celebration. We are talking about the birthday, the job promotion, school graduation, new home celebration. Something that you would invite about 10-15 people to and have at your home. What we call "The Dinner Party" or "At Home Party". Just because you are having it at home doesn't mean it can't have all the glamour of one held at a banquet hall or restaurant. Since I just completed a "little celebration cake" for a client I thought I'd share a little party plan to match.
Now, normally, a little celebration doesn't include invitations but, if you wanted it to, you could order some really beautiful ones for just a little money from websites such as!

 A little celebration can have a gorgeous tablescape! Secret about this one...the gold chargers are from the dollar store and the centerpieces are cleaned used coffee cans covered in pretty gold ribbon! 
A lot of people don't have a tablecloth in their homes but that doesn't mean you can't rent one for just a few dollars from your local rental store.

 Available in your local craft store are little bags of these champagne colored crystals that you can scatter onto the table top for a little more glam!
Make your Guest of Honor feel even more special with little monogrammed centerpieces like this. Just get some alphabet stickers, ribbon and scrapbook paper to dress up gold painted boxes or cans.

 You can even dress up your average dining room chair with some brocade ribbon from the craft store!
And then there are the favors. These little red and gold boxes hide a couple of yummy chocolates inside. You can either buy a set or just find a template online and cut the shape out of whatever scrapbook paper you want to use! Fold up, stick the candy inside and seal. Done! How pretty would these look at each place setting?!
Finally there is cake. A little celebration cake can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on how many servings you need and how ornate the cake ends up being. This one, from Cat's Cakes, serves 15 and cost $90 due to the hand piped and hand painted details. 

What a beautiful way to let someone you love know just how special their celebration is to you! I can't imagine anyone not being touched by such a display of love!

Next week I'll bring you a wedding! In the meantime you can find out more about how this little celebration cake was made at Cat's Cakes and get daily tips and tricks on our Facebook Fan Site!


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