Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday! This past week we worked and attended a Destination Wedding in Paris, Texas. There were many things we loved about this wedding, including the Bride and Groom, so we thought we'd happily share some of the details with all of you.
The gorgeous Crest Wedding Invitations from Wedding Paper Diva's  were the perfect way for the Bride to set the color palette and elegant theme of the event.  

 Personal family touches were a big deal in this wedding right down to the toes. All of the girls wore identical shoes only the Bridesmaids were dyed blue to match their dresses! 
The bouquets were all made with silk flowers by the Bride and her family for the ceremony adding that personalized touch that they get to keep long after the day has passed. When using silk flowers buy the very best you can find, they will look more like the real thing, like these do, and hold up to the passing of time much better.
 There were plenty of real flowers there too! This adorable matching Flower Girl basket was filled to the brim with daisy heads. Since the day was extremely windy it turned out that the heavier whole flowers were heavy enough to stand up to the scattering effects of the weather! 
 And they looked simply gorgeous on the paving stone pathway to the altar. The other bonus was that they were really easy for the young Flower Girl to pick up and drop on the ground unlike rose petals which can stick together.
As people entered the reception they were directed to the gift old fashioned swing which held a vintage suitcase for the cards and plenty of room for gifts. Knowing that only the local attendees would be bringing actual gifts and that those who flew in for the event would be bringing cards, this made for a wonderful way to present the cards in a decorative way.
Having a ceremony in Texas in the late Spring is a great idea. You still have the milder Spring temperatures without the heat of the Summer. However, it also means you get the wind. We had purchased the blue and clear marbles for the bottom of the vases but were very happy to find out that they helped hold down the blue napkins for the centerpieces! We loved the look even if it was too windy to actually light the candles. Cost saving tip here. The event center had the square containers for us to borrow, we bought the mixed flower bouquets at the local grocery store and added in the tall blue stems to match her colors. Then we tied up the small bouquets with blue or cream colored sheer ribbon to fit the Wedding Colors. Perfect.
For the Sweetheart Table we focused on the Brides choice in flowers, just the Daisies and the blue Delphiniums. I used 3 small square vases, then tied them together using both the cream and blue sheer ribbons. 

 Since this wedding began at 7:30 P. M. the Bride and Groom offered wonderful after dinner snacks for the guests to nosh on as they danced the night away. This amazing tower of fruit and cheese had us all enthralled! Served with crackers and pinwheel sandwiches we all loved every bite of it!
 Of course there was something sweet to send the guests on their way. These French Meringue Cookies were a crowd favorite and so easy, and inexpensive, to make. I made 80 favors and the cost was only $20. You can find the recipe online (it's basically egg whites, sugar and vanilla) and in a couple of hours you can have wonderful, yummy favors for your party!
They were presented on the same table as the guest book. One of the Bridesmaids added her bouquet and that just completed the look of the table!
 And then there's cake! No, I didn't make this one. In fact, I never did find out who the vendor was, but it certainly was beautiful and it tasted simply divine! The top tier was red velvet cake, the middle tier was vanilla cake and the bottom tier was chocolate cake. It was covered in vanilla buttercream with the blue fondant flowers as accent. A beautiful wedding cake does not have to be an elaborate one to be gorgeous and this one is proof of that!
Remember that your topper is a wonderful chance to show off your own personal style. There wasn't a single person who saw the cake that didn't remark how wonderful the topper was and how much it added to the cake!

 Color coordinating your table can be a simple thing to do. By using the same blue napkins that we used on the tables as well as the marbles, then adding the basket of personalized napkins to the table we were able to set the table for the cake and show it off in a beautiful way.

 Congratulations Matt & Tami! We were very honored to be a part of your day, help make your wedding dreams come true and see how happy you two are together as Mr. & Mrs.

I'm out of here for two weeks, taking a vacation before the summer season hits, so I'll see you all when I get back!


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