Monday, November 5, 2012

 Happy Monday and Happy November! Welcome to the month where the Fall Leaves make you catch your breath and where pumpkins become a sign of Fall and not just Halloween. This week we have heard of three engagements that are beginning to think of a Fall Wedding for next year so we figured we might give you a party plan to help you along.
 First up are the invitations. There are SO many styles out there to choose from that go from playful cartoon versions of Fall to the ultra elegant swirls of copper and gold of Fall. We fell in love with these from that fall somewhere in the middle of those two ends of the spectrum.
 There are many ways you can decorate your aisle but on a crisp Fall day these lanterns would surely set the mood for a cozy yet elegant affair. I love the use of the paper lanterns hanging from the tree branches that help give a Fall splash of color. Whether this is your aisle or the walk way leading up to your Church or venue, this would be a lovely way to greet your guests.
 One of the fun parts of having a Fall Wedding is the choice of flowers. There is so much variety in what you can use! Yes, if you are a huge fan of roses there are a multitude of choices there too in hues of orange, yellow, red, and yes, even browns.
 We loved the way they used the pumpkin and even a touch of carving to set off the ceremony space for this wedding. 
 But you don't have to stop with just one gourd or fruit for Fall. There are several choices out there from pumpkins to apples and even pomegranates. Just cut a little slit into the top of the fruit and tuck in the seating card for your guests.
 Here is another use of fruit for your escort cards but what I love here is the centerpiece. Tin containers are everywhere these days and this tall one makes for the perfect "tree" over the escort card table. Just fill it up with filler flowers that branch out for this effect.
 Pumpkins can be used to set off the tables for centerpieces as well. Just hollow the center out and then line with a clear container filled with your water and flowers. Or hollow out the little mini pumpkins and place tea lights in them to add a bit more color and light to your tables.
 If you don't want to go with the pumpkins there are easy ways to add the Fall color without using the fruit. Here Washi tape is just taped around these plain votive holders to give them a little style and color.
 And how beautiful they would look with these wrought iron centerpieces. With a Fall Wedding bringing the outside in is a perfect way to get that feeling you want. A little rustic and yet, very very elegant.
 And since it is Fall make use of those leaves you find all over the place. Fill your clear centerpieces with them and then top those with flowers or scatter them carefully about on your tables. If you don't want them near the food then just scatter them on the escort card or guest book tables and then use the silk variety for the actual tables.
 You can transfer that leaf motif to your seating cards and favors as well. Martha Stewart has a template for these favor wraps. You end up with a strip of paper that has half a leaf on one end and one half on the other end that then tuck inside each other to make the favor tag.
 One of my favorite Fall favors is maple syrup. Not only do they come in the leaf motif but they taste amazing and will remind your guests of how beautiful your Fall Wedding was when they were there. A true taste of Fall.

You can even keep your leaf motif when it comes to the cake. This amazing chocolate fondant covered cake from Wild Cakes has lots of hand painted sugar leaves cascading down from top to bottom. What a stunning way to keep your theme, and what a delicious centerpiece for your Wedding Day!

We hope you enjoyed these Fall Wedding ideas and hope they gave you some good ones for your special day! Next week we will be talking Disney! See you then!


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