Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Tuesday! Ok, I'm one day late this week but I have a good reason! We were celebrating my 50th Birthday with lots of family this past weekend so the blogs were kicked by just one day. But we are back and, as promised, bringing you week #2 of Country Weddings. We are calling this one the Burlap and Lace Country Wedding Plan.
 We start off with this luxurious invitation from bstudioweddinginvitations.com. Now here's the catch. Not everyone can afford the $11.50 price tag. But they why should you? These are just regular invitations that have been wrapped with lace, tied with ribbon and have a jewel glued on. These are a VERY easy DIY project, even for 100 invitations if you need them, for about $3 each. 
 Unfortunately, unless you have a master woodworker in your family, this stunning archway isn't a DIY project. However it shows how you can dress up an outdoor venue and make the head of your altar simply gorgeous. The beautiful lace curtain panels let in light , give texture and set the stage.
 And talk about setting the stage. Flower girls don't have to carry or scatter flowers anymore. How adorable is this little girl with her tutu and cowboy boots announcing the Bride's pending arrival?!
 If you are planning this event at the rainy or snowy time of year and choose to have your ceremony indoors there are many ways to dress up a refurbished barn to make it look a lot more elegant. When the ceremony is over simply change it over to the reception space. You can make one side of the barn a cocktail area while the change is going on or, if it's not raining, move the cocktails to an outdoor area you have set with cafe tables and chairs along with a bar set up.
Lighting in a barn can be challenging but not impossible. Twinkle lights work very well for those high rafters as well as mason jars with votives hanging from the beams. Very country and very beautiful.
 For your Escort cards you can easily DIY these adorable versions. They are just buff colored card stock with mini paper doilies folded over and glued on. Set out on a pretty tray and you have a lovely presentation.
If  you want to incorporate flowers into your Escort Card presentation then here is a very easy way to do it that is just stunning! Fill the rustic box with oasis blocks that have been damped with water. Stick in bunches of babies breath flowers and then, using the branches of the babies breath, tuck the cards down into the blossoms. Beautiful!
 You can pull the lace idea into your place settings by using larger paper doilies under clear plates. Just an easy way to add some extra texture to your tabletop.
 Also an easy way to add texture is to use actual burlap for your tablecloths. These have a row of lace edging the ends. What a beautiful way to add to your theme. It's the little details like this one that make up a really special wedding plan.
 You don't have to go crazy with flowers for a country wedding. The ambiance of the barn, the burlap, the lace, the lighting is enough to set the mood. So keep your arrangements simple. I love the use of mercury glass jars and vases to display the little bouquets of roses. Scatter some votives or tealights and you have a gorgeous table setting!
Want to add one more layer of detail on your tables? Just wrap your flatware in a large paper doily and tie with twine. Rustic and lovely all in one package!
 And now onto the Favors! Favors are a very nice way to say Thank You to your guests. Just a small token that says how much you appreciate the effort they went to in order to share your special day with you. That doesn't mean they have to cost a lot of money. I love the idea of this cookie bar set out with small paper bags for their guests. I love how the jars are wrapped with burlap and lace to fit the wedding design. Have a sign on the table that says "Pick out a couple of cookies to take home with you!" and your guests will know that these are for them, they are a favor and that there is something else for dessert on the way!
 However, you don't have to stop at one favor. I have been to events where the guests were handed personalized water bottles at the ceremony, found little edible favors at the Escort Card table and then another small favor to take home that means something to the couple. I happen to know people who have honey bees and bottle their own honey. If you live in a region that is famous for something or you as a couple have a little treat that means something personal to you then consider an extra favor like these adorable little honey jars.
 When you are taking your "couple" photos make sure to let your photographer know you want to take a "Thank You" photo as well. There are so many ways to do this shot and I even heard of one this week where the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen held the letters up over the heads of the seated Bride and Groom who held a wooden heart in their hands. SO cute! Afterward you can either use this photo to make your thank you cards or tuck in a copy with the ones you ordered with your invitations.
Finally there is cake. We love the presentation of this Wedding Cake. Set the "table" with burlap and place upon it a "lace" covered cake. Add touches of your wedding flowers that match what is on the tables and you have a very well coordinated cake table! Simply lovely!

And speaking of weddings. Next week you get a peak at one of our own family celebrations. My husband and I will be celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss with a very special family event. We are pulling out all the stops and can not wait to share it with you all next week!


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