Monday, July 9, 2012

 Happy Monday! Well, with more and more of my friends announcing new pregnancies I thought it would be a fun idea to share this adorable Baby Shower theme this week! Cute As A Button! 

Perfect if they are having a boy or a girl or if they are waiting till birth to find out. Very "gender neutral". There are not many themes out there now that are neither boy nor girl colors so it can be very hard to find a theme to go with if you don't know or if you are not wanting to go with the traditional "Pink" or "Blue" shower colors. First, the invites!

 These would be super easy DIY invitations to make. Just print out the wording, leaving space for the buttons, then trim with decorative scissors or an edger punch. Super cute! Of course if you are not the DIY type there are dozens of invites online that will be just as adorable.
 Most baby showers happen in someones home so you are left with "areas" that you can decorate rather than an entire room. These banners make it easy to decorate small spaces and still have cute details.
 Just triangles of cloth with glued on buttons then attached to a ribbon is all that goes into this banner. Easy peasy and perfect to decorate the entrance, an archway or the food and cake tables.
 You know I love a mason jar treatment! These are super easy. Glued on ribbon with glued on buttons. Use color coordinated straws and you have a super cute look!
 Same for the flatware. Usually baby showers have plastic flatware and paper napkins and it's harder to "dress" those up. Simple with this idea. The "ring" is just a strip of paper that's been either glued or taped around the flatware filled napkin and then tied with thin ribbon and a button glued on top.
 Little signs on the tables, whether that be the food or coffee tables, are a really nice little detail that can only add to your day. Look online for "printables" that you can easily use to dress up your party.
 Button cookies are just SO simple to make. Use any round cookie cutter to cut out the basic shapes then look for a small jar with a flat bottom to make the round imprint in the center of the cookie and finally just put  4 holes then bake. You can even divide your dough into sections, dye each section with food dye, to have colored button cookies!
 You can even then take those cookies and package them up in favor boxes for your guests! Just line your boxes with tissue paper then tie up with some colored bakers twine and add a tag. CUTE!
 There are plenty of "non-edible" favors out there as well. These little frames would be adorable to hand out with a promise of a baby photo with their thank you card after the baby is born!
Finally there is cake. This cake from Just The Frosting would be SO adorable. You could mix the pastels if you don't know the sex yet or go with the traditional pink or, in this case, blue if you know the sex and even the name of the baby to be. SO cute!

If you use this theme or have already used this theme in the past let me know! I'd love to see what you come up with as well!

See you next week!


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