Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday! This week we decided to spotlight a trend that is making its way back into favor this year. All White Weddings. Usually you will find the "accent" color is something pale like a barely there green or even just an off white or cream color. Keeping the total effect "White".

I decided not to find invitations for you to see because All White invitations are very very easy to find. From kits at Michaels to the most expensive handmade versions, these are the easiest of all invitations to locate. The only problem might be that it makes it harder to choose which one is right for you!

So I'm going to begin with some ceremony choices first instead...
This is one that I have always loved. There are much fewer "bad seats" with a ceremony in the round. Instead of gathering all of your guests in 16 rows behind the alter you get to do 4 rows all the way around the alter. This means everyone gets a better view. This is especially wonderful if you have different traditions you are observing such as a candle lighting or sand ceremony, honoring passed relatives with flowers or honoring grandparents with flowers. If you "stage" these all in different corners then each section of your guest audience get to see a special part of the ceremony and not just your backs.
And don't forget the little touches at the chairs. Adding Programs or something like these cones of white flower petals to each chair can help make your guests feel even more included in your ceremony and it makes for a charming display.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if your budget would allow something as extravagant as this alter set up of draped chiffon, flowers and chandeliers. The wonderful thing is that all of this, except the flowers, can be rented so if your budget allows and you are in love with this style then look into your local rental companies to make this dream come true.

Now onto the reception. what a wonderful, and unusual way to gather your Wedding Cards than in a silver mailbox on the entrance table. Surrounded with lots of flowers and lit from inside with an artificial candle, this makes for a sweet version of the "card basket".
If you are having your "Cocktail Hour" out on a patio or deck before your indoor reception then consider little touches like these hanging lanterns. The gardens green decor spotlights the white of the lanterns. 
You can further that white palette on the patio by adding simple flower arrangements to each table. In this situation I would use very light green accents to set off the tables and greenery of the garden to tie them all together.
Now I mentioned an indoor reception but if you live where the climate is going to be about 75 at sunset and can have an outdoor reception then I thought I'd spotlight my favorite one this year. All white on white on white this set up includes silver and white Christmas ornaments to the twinkle lights above to help bounce the light onto the tables below. Simply gorgeous!
If you are having your reception inside a home then this mantle set up might be just the added touch to help turn that home into a wedding venue! These little areas as most venues are often neglected but even just a simple flower arrangement can be that added detail that makes all the difference.
Now onto the tables. If you have family members who may be allergic to flowers then why not go "flowerless" at your reception? You can spray paint lanterns and use votives to add a little sparkle to the table.
To make these tealight holders all you need is a small bowl, some heavy duty glue like E-6000 and a string of "jewels". They sell these by small amounts at most craft stores, some fabric stores and there are several outlets online. Just run a bead of glue around the top of the glass and add the bling. You may need to hold the gem strands in place for a few moments while the glue sets up.
Another way to combat allergies but have flowers is to submerge them! Using "glow beads" like this adds to the glamour of the arrangement but also adds light to your tables!
But if you love flowers and still want them on your tables then consider using huge bouquets of Baby's Breath! Placed in all white vases and with strings of pearls or rhinestones draped between would be a gorgeous way of having flowers and helping to keep the allergens away from your family.
Ok, so no allergic people, no aversions to flowers? Then really go all out and put several white on white arrangements on each table rather than one big one! You can use containers you wouldn't normally consider, like these white gift boxes, if you put a water-tight container inside to hold the flowers and water first. You can see that they used a patterned white tablecloth along with white on white stationary to carry out the white theme while keeping texture on the tables as well! Gorgeous!
A huge trend this year is decorating the Bride and Groom chairs with their names or, in this case, their titles! Super easy to make and super easy to tie onto the back of the chairs, these banners would be adorable for any "Sweetheart Table" for the Newlyweds.
Consider mostly white venues to have your reception as well. If you do then half of your decorating is done for you! And what an elegant presentation for your

Lastly is the cake, of course! This amazing cake by my friend Jene Rylan Nato, , would be just the most perfect centerpiece for your reception! Using neutral colors to accent your cake helps it to stand out on your cake table from all the rest of the white in the room. Notice how he uses white on white to take this cake from an ordinary white wedding cake to an extraordinarily amazing and elegant work of Edible Art!

I do hope that, even if you don't go with the White Wedding idea, that you got a lot of other ideas for your own wedding! Next week we'll explore a Winter Wedding for those who are still planning for this year!


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