Monday, January 23, 2012

This week we continue our Colors Series. The twist this time is that the party is not a Wedding! It's a Baby Shower! The colors were Pink & Brown and we worked from there. When we start planning an event we always start with an interview with the client about what they feel is their style. We ask about colors first and work from there to the flowers. 
 This Mom to Be loves Gerberas so we spent some time at the flower market finding just the right shades that matched the ribbons and Jelly Belly's we had chosen. As with last weeks blog, we didn't attempt to match the pink exactly but rather find different shades of pink that would all work together. This treatment is actually a vase within a vase. A small juice glass was set into the outside vase and then the space in between was filled with the Jelly Belly's. A small piece of  oasis block and a bit of water was placed into the juice glass and then the flowers were arranged. The last touch was placing a Pic that had been decorated with the brown polka dot ribbon and had balloons tied on into the the center of the flowers, pushing it down to anchor it into the oasis. We used long pink and white ribbons for the balloons so that they would swirl down onto the white tablecloths and the pink and brown dots of confetti and sparkle jewels.
 When planning a party even Party Planners reach outside the DIY box to get some fun details for the party. These personalized napkins coordinated perfectly with the white tablecloths, the pink polka dot plates, and pink flatware. The napkins were one of the purchased detail touches as well as....
 these adorable Bib Cookies that were personalized with the new baby's name. We added the tags to personalize the favors to our Mom to Be and set them in a basket that was decorated with the same brown polka dot ribbon as our centerpieces and next to a bunch of pink and white balloons that were held down with an adorable It's A Girl balloon weight. These were set at the entry way so her guests could pick up the favors on their way in or on their way home.
 We also added a banner over the gift table that had been personalized for the Mom to Be. This was set up facing the front door so that as people walked in, past the favors, they saw the gift table right away and could be able to empty their arms quickly instead of wandering around trying to figure out where to set down their baby gift.
 My fun is always setting up the Cake Table, especially if I have been chosen to do the cake for the party! I learned a few lessons with this cake. One was to change my buttercream recipe to a high temp recipe. It was 109 the day of the party and the A/C in the room we were in could only do so much with that unusual heat to cool us down. So the room ended up being 85 degrees which is too hot for traditional buttercream. I had to keep the cake in the refrigerator till the last moment and then sit it out on the cake table right before guests arrived. The other lesson was how to ruffle fondant. And that was FUN!
 Next to the cakes..yes there were two...were these cute little pink and white wafer cookies. They coordinated right into the party as well as gave her guests another treat to eat there or take home with them.
 This is the second "Cake". We found this Diaper Cake from a retailer online and it was simply perfect! It even matched our brown polka dot ribbon perfectly! We added the little rounds of pink and brown confetti (just punched out scrapbook paper) to the table and the little bit of sparkle is from some "Wedding Jewels" we found at the craft store. Just a little Bling for our Girly-Girl client.
The final additions to our Cake Table were the pink polka dot plates, pink flatware and the personalized napkins. The Pink and Brown theme was complete!

The client was very happy and we were happy that the design all came together to make such a pretty party space for her and her guests!

More color play next week...if you have a color you want me to showcase just let me know!


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